I'm a young creative who enjoys working with ceramics combined with illustrative design. I don't feel my work can be categorized as being 'art' or 'design' but has affinity with both fields.

Momentarily I'm exploring this situation by creating work that has a function (product) but can be viewed as an object (art)

A red line within my work is the theme of animals & nature which has inspired me since I was little.


For the time being this page will function as my online portfolio until I have found the time and means to set up my own.


My work is for sale and some if it can be found in local stores in the Netherlands. For online purchases do check out my Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/Meerl or contact me through:



tel. 0615683084

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  • JoinedSeptember 2012
  • OccupationArtist / Designer
  • Countrythe Netherlands


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