This is a photo register of Mercian bicycle frames built before 1970, maintained by a member of the Veteran-Cycle Club, Christopher Barbour. The intent of the Register is to help owners of older frames to identify their models, and to add to the historical understanding of Mercian Cycles.


Photos are used by permission. Submissions of pre-1970 Mercian frames are encouraged and received with gratitude. To submit photos, and for more information, please contact the keeper of the Mercian Register:


Thanks go to Mercian Cycles of Derby, England and Martin Hanczyc of the V-CC New England Section.


Historical Note

Mercian Cycles is one of the great marques of the golden age of British hand-built bicycles. Mercian began to build frames soon after its foundation in 1946; although most of the legendary builders of that era have disappeared, or have been subsumed in conglomerates, Mercian continues to build lightweight frames and bicycles, using traditional methods to create frames ridden worldwide by touring, commuting, off-road, and racing cyclists.


Mercian frame records date back only to 1970. The purpose of this register is to record Mercian frames and bicycles built before 1970. Please send photos and information about your Mercian. In particular,


* a photo of the complete bike or frame;

* detail photos of the lugs and fork crown;

* the serial number to establish the date of manufacture;

* the model name, if known;

* images of original documentation - frame orders or purchase receipts - are especially useful;

* as well as of advertisements and catalogues (if any) that are not on the Mercian web site.


Mercian frame numbers include the year of manufacture, but where the year appears in the sequence has varied over time. From the 1970s through 1999, the year is the last two digits of the frame number. After 1999, the last four digits are the year of manufacture. For at least part of the 1950s, the first two digits indicate the year, but this pattern was not followed consistently.


Further historical notes and documents are on the Mercian web pages:

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