Not really a photographer. Retired English bloke who likes walking, gardening, birdwatching, classical music and Quakers.

Used a Fuji S7000 with which I fell in love. I still think that's a fine camera (for a point and shoot). Then I went on to a Canon S3 IS. The lens was pretty good, but there was a lot of purple fringing on full 12 X zoom shots. The image stabilisation was very effective, but the buttons were all in the wrong place, and I kept getting menus appearing on the screen just when I was going for the shot of a lifetime!.

Then the Panasonic FZ18 (18X optical zoom) appeared on the scene. I got one and instantly fell in love with it. A fantastic camera. I think I shall always have a use for it.

Next, I treated myself to a Canon EOS 40D. That was the small expenditure. I needed serious cash for some decent lenses, so I started selling my pictures at local craft fairs and markets, and got myself a website at Now I so much enjoy these fairs and markets that they have become a hobby in their own right!

I have been thinking about all those gaudy and increasingly pretentious group icons which are appearing on Flickr. You can place one beneath someone's photo with the click of a mouse. No thought about the photo is required, no effort into writing a comment. I think they often seem to give an accolade which, to be frank, my pictures simply do not warrant. So they feel insincere, which is far from the feeling I used to get when I first joined Flickr.

I really appreciate being invited to post my pictures in groups, but it is so much nicer to receive a personal message from the the one who invites me. It does take time, though - especially when the groups have complicated rules. I do not have much time, and usually avoid groups which require me to do this and that in addition to posting my photo there.

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    wonderful adjustment says:

    "John's photographs reveal a love for life, and a fascination with the world around him. John has an eye for a good photograph and because he lives in a beautiful part of the country he gives us many oppportunities to see this corner of Britain. John's artisitic values ably demonstrate the great international community flickr has become."

    December 24th, 2005

March 2005
Bideford, UK
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