Welcome to the Walters Art Museum’s Illuminated Manuscripts Flickr! The Walters’ Rare Books and Manuscripts Collection includes almost 1,000 manuscripts, about 1,300 incunabula (books printed before 1500), and 2,000 rare books (printed after 1500). This diverse collection spans cultures around the world with books dating from the 9th to 20th centuries. A selection of illuminated folios found within the manuscripts are provided here.


As of 2020, the Walters has digitized over half of its manuscripts and looks forward to continuing this work with French and Italian manuscripts, as well as incorporating rare books and incunabula into the scope of digitization. All digitized manuscripts and books are available for free under a Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal license and can be downloaded and used by anyone, for any purpose. The Walters has two websites where these images can be found: the Digital Walters and Walters Ex Libris, each of which is explained and linked below.


The Digital Walters (thedigitalwalters.org) is the Walters’ online repository for full-sized, high-resolution TIFF images of all digitized manuscripts along with detailed cataloging information. Please visit the Digital Walters for more information.


Walters Ex Libris (manuscripts.thewalters.org) allows users to perform complex free text and keyword searches within the digitized manuscript collection. Users also have the opportunity to explore each manuscript with a virtual page-turning application.


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Photos of Walters Art Museum Illuminated Manuscripts


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