At MedHealth Urgent Care, we have made it our mission to serve Montgomery and the surrounding community, offering top-quality healthcare services. In our area there are increasing wait times for patient appointments and rapidly decreasing numbers of medical providers. Before our eyes this has lead quickly to a number of patients who have difficulty being seen by a medical provider. It is our hope and goal that by adding Telemedicine and making adjustments in the way we provide care at MedHealth that we can help address this growing problem in not only ours but surrounding communities. To that end, we have started to work toward launching a Telemedicine Program as a supplement to what we are already doing at MedHealth Urgent Care. The Telemedicine Program will serve as a more convenient and immediate source of medical care for the community. Using computers, digital platforms, and video conferencing, the Telemedicine Program will make it possible for patients to seek treatment for such

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