Simply put, I love to take pictures of interesting or weird things to save them for later. Along the way I started to love taking pictures for their own sake too. And now I can't stop taking them. I have caught photographer disease and it turns out there's no cure.

I consider my body of work to be one gigantic self-portrait. Thinking about it, I consider others' to be the same.

Aside from photography, I am an artist in traditional get-your-hands-dirty media, and I just started work as the Japanese Studies Librarian at University of Pennsylvania. Before that, I was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University working on the Digital Archive of Japan's 2011 Disasters. I have a PhD in Asian Languages & Cultures and an MSI in Library & Information Services from the University of Michigan.

I'm originally from Rochester, NY. Rochester makes even Seattle seem sunny and balmy; is my work imbued with dark, rusty subjects and deliberate underexposure because of that twilight landscape that chills to the bone year-round? Who knows. Honestly my favorite subject is trees, but I have to take photos of what's in front of me.

My photos reflect my recent rootlessness - they are from all over! I know my work in Japan overwhelms what I've taken in the US, so here's a quick rundown of my recent residences:

* 2013-present: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
* 2012-2013: Boston, Massachusetts
* 2006-2012: Ypsilanti, Michigan
* 2009-2010: Arakawa-ku, Tokyo; Japan Foundation Dissertation Research Fellow affiliated with Nihon Daigaku.
* 2007-2008: Kotobuki-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama; Inter-University Center for Japanese Langauge Studies.
* 2004-2005: Rochester, New York
* 2003-2004: Shime-machi, Fukuoka; JET Programme ALT at Sue Prefectural High School.
* 1999-2003: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


I have a professional web site, and I finally registered which I am dubbing non-euclidean atelier (how fancy. how I have been in Japan too long). Nothing exciting up yet, but at least it has its own welcome picture and no longer redirects straight here!

By the way, that professional site - it's I have information about my career trajectory, background, research projects, and increasing number of blog posts. I also have an open access PDF copy of my dissertation, "Editing Identity: Literary Anthologies and the Construction of the Author in Meiji Japan."

If you want to talk about photography, art, commissions, prints, academics, or just whatever, get at me:

I used to have a more complete Japanese section but it's hopelessly out of date. Here's what remains.



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