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this section reminds me of a dating website, so that's how I will treat it. haha...


I'm easy going, happy by nature and don't mind bit of a scratch behind the ear. Treat me well and I preform many tricks, including but not limited to: polite manners out in public and at home.


I love children probably because I am one at heart.


I Greet people with a smile, even when I'm in a bad mood. Don't see the point taking it out on others.


People say MASTER CHEF but I would say "not a bad cook and cooks well".


I do enjoy company of others and I'm a strong believer of true happiness is only true shared.


I enjoy all things creative related. My favorite artist is John Brack. I love listening to music and to anything that grabs my attention. Lately Led Zepplin has been my source of creativity.


Anyway if you would like to know more please email me.


Thanks John

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