I have changed all my photos to "all rights reserved" as they are being used by businesses and for-profit entities all over the internet, and commercial uses outside of what the license entails. Very few of those people and/or entities requested permission (kudos to those very cool ones who did.)

If you want to use one of my photos, particuarlly if you are a non-profit, just send me an email for permission and telling me the use, a little about it, etc., so I can decide. Most likely I will welcome such requests. I can send you the full photo.

Now divorced, and my daughter and photography (and facebook) help keep me sane and keep my mind on the future and looking positively at the past.

My avitar resides in a fish tank at the Carnegie Science Center on the North Shore of Pittsburgh... Pay her a visit...

My present arsenal consists of a Nikon D7000, sold the Nikon D90, still have my old D40x(D60) and D40, w/18-200mm VR, Nikon 18-55 VR, Sigma 70-300mm and Nikon10.5mm fisheye, Canon S3 IS, Canon S5 IS, Canon A620, Minolta S-1...

View my photos at bighugelabs.com

UPDATE: April 9, 2008, 9:02am. Quinn Isabella McGervey is born! 7#8oz, 19.5" long. Very easy delivery, Crisi's easiest. She went into labor for about an hour, was fully dialated, the doctor told me to hold her leg and pull when he said push, he said push once, said "there's the head," and I peeked, seeing my baby's purple head, and then he said "push," again, and there she was. He said it's the quickest delivery he can remember. She's adorable. Thank you everyone for your prayers and well-wishes!

UPDATE: As of Janurary 7, Quinn is 2.6 pounds! Still no decision on middle names... ideas? It's gotta flow with Quinn ______ McGervey??? yeah, I know...Crisi likes Shae.. I don't think it flows???

November updade: The baby is a girl... UPDATE: We've decided her name has to be Irish, and is going to be Quinn... still searching for a middle name. Any suggestions...

UPDATE: The baby is due April 5!!!

I'm an alumni of W144... And very few of you will know what that means, but if you do, welcome fellow SEA alums...

Since people have asked, and a few of my photos have been used, if you want to use my photos, just ask. I probably won't object. I only ask that, in the rare chance that you might want to or be making money off of one, send me a cut! My wife and family would appreciate it, and it would help justify my obsession with photos to my wife, who I drive nuts sometimes! :)

You've been marked on my visitor map!

I am tall, of Irish/Polish decent. I come from a family of 6, 2 sisters, one brother. My father died in December 2005, and we all love and miss him. He was a good father, a good husband, and a good provider.

I'm originally from Pittsburgh... A majority of my family still calls Pittsburgh home. Born in the city and grew up until 13 in Castle Shannon, a predominately Irish Catholic "burb" 6 miles south of the city. My mom and her family grew up on Polish Hill and then the upper North Side. My dad's family radiated outwards from Ingram, another formerly predominant Irish Catholic neighborhood outside Pittsburgh. My uncle still lives in Ingram in the house on Mainsgate Street my grandfather built.

My grandfather was an architect in Pittsburgh. He taught at Allegheny College, and he was mostly known for his churches. As my father tells it, he refused to build one without a bell tower. One of the last churches to bear his name apparently wasn't going to have one, and he protested and was going to take his name off, so the church has a belltower.

A born and bred Pittsburgher, Steeler fan, Pirates fan, Pitt fan. Living in WV, home of the Mountaineers, it has always been difficult. But most understand, when I explain my beginnings as a football fan included watching Tony Dorsett win a national championship and then Dan Marino almost win one, most then understand. They sometimes let us kids in the end zone at Pitt Stadium after the game started for like 50 cents, and had "Kids day" tickets that I remember were every cheap too...I would steal my dad's change off his dresser and pedal my bike downtown with Jimmy M. to try to get in the game. It was nice being a youth in the time of the "City of Champions." Four superbowl rings and 2 World Series Championships, then later a Stanley Cup for good measure, though I was never a big hockey fan.

I have always been scientifically inclined, and became a biologist in the 80s and 90s. I went to law school in the late 90s then did some environmental work. I was a hardcore mountain biker in the late 80s til the mid 90s, when I broke some bones. I still mountain bike, but mostly just casually these days. In the mid-90s I landed myself on a research sailboat to do a biology honors thesis, size fractionation in phytoplankton (exciting for me, that's about all you probably want to hear about it though). I obtained 90 days Coast Guard sea-time towards an AB seaman's license (half-way, never did the other half... maybe someday). I'm an avid hiker, outdoorsman, canoeist, traveller, and I do enjoy documenting my travels taking photos and writing about them. I'm also interested in botany and have some formal education of the same, gardening, music, movies, the arts, and culture. I'm multifaceted, a jack of all trades yet master of few. Friends have referred to me as the "human encyclopedia" and as having a memory like an elephant. Good or bad, I am who I am. I'm popeye the sailor man.

I spent a substantial portion of my older youth and young adult life growing up in Morgantown, WV. I have also lived in Pittsburgh twice as an adult (North Side and Millvale), worked downtown and in the North Hills, Ross Park Mall area, in addition to Huntington, WV; Charleston, WV; Virginia Beach, VA; Williamson, WV (2 yr judicial clerkship) and Woods Hole, Cape Cod, MA.

I have traveled in 32 states at last count and the Florida Keys, several provinces of Canada and Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal, Niagara; 5 Bahamian Islands, all 3 Cayman Islands, and Jamaica. I plan to in the near future travel to Belize, Cuba and Puerto Rico. We spent 2 weeks in Ireland in October 2006.

I have a fondness for boats, bicycles, water, and islands. I have raised and bred fish, specializing in African Cichlids, and for a while bred, raised, imported and distributed cichlids, other fish, and reptiles in pet stores. It was a self-employment , second job type work originating out of my hobby... I kept many fish tanks, including several show tanks... So I also have a fondness for fish. I presently long to set up another african community tank, so that will be a future pursuit and most likely a subject of photos.

As I mentioned, I like sports. In addition to Pittsburgh teams, I am a Laker fan, a Dolphin fan (when they're not playing the Steelers), and I enjoy tennis (We'll miss you Andre!) and playing softball and volleyball. I attend a lot of little league games as a parent and a part time coach, and enjoy working with youths. I also try to attend at least 2 Steeler games a year, and a half dozen to a dozen Pirate games a year. I also make it to at least one or two Laker games a year, usually in Cleveland.

That's all I have to say about me right now.

I am interested in learning more about digital photography, and welcome correspondence, advice and tips on the same, or any other subject. Just don't spam me, and no, I don't want to see your webcam or your body parts on the same.

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