Photography is one of the many ways to celebrate living. And for me it's about simply capturing the small moments that pass by. My photostream began a series of quick snaps from a Canon Elph and iPhone for friends and family. Today I shoot with a new Canon Rebel.


I'm from Toronto, was born in Montreal, and work in online marketing communications. I enjoy meeting people, attending events and learning new ideas. I grew up surrounded by photos of family and began taking photos with a Nikon EM in college. For inspiration I visit people below and other photographers.


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  • JoinedMay 2005
  • OccupationMarketing Communications
  • Current cityToronto
  • CountryCanada
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K.Jane says:

He's my brother and I love this guy. He's sweet (most of the time), gentle, cool, and funky. He's an amazing photographer, who introduced me to the digital camera and to flickr! Who could ask for more?

September 24, 2006