May Golan is a social activist and former Knesset candidate, fighting for the basic human rights of the Israeli citizens in South Tel Aviv - especially children, women and the elderly - to live in safety and security - free from threats of intimidation, verbal abuse, violent crime and rape.


2012 official police report stated that crime in Tel Aviv from illegal immigrants rose by 53.2% see Ynet .


May Golan has seen South Tel Aviv swamped and terrorized by illegal immigrants from Sudan and Eritrea - a huge social issue that mayor of Tel Aviv Ron Huldai has deliberately ignored.


2013 most violent crimes included the rape and sodomy of an 83yr old woman by a 20yr old Eritrean illegal immigrant outside her home in the morning hours (see: ) and the attempted rape of an eight year old girl and the stabbing of her mother in their home at 5:30 am by a Sudanese illegal immigrant (see: ).


May Golan is active on FB and publishes a well known blog about day to day life and struggles in South Tel Aviv on her website. May is also a frequent guest contributor on television and radio programs and active in the South Tel Aviv local community demonstrations.


Support May Golan in her determined battle for social justice in South Tel Aviv! Visit her website at: or FB for photos, videos, media links and more ...

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  • JoinedMay 2013
  • OccupationSocial Activist
  • Hometown דרום תל אביב
  • Current city דרום תל אביב
  • CountryIsrael


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