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I love my LC-A camera because every day it reminds me that we live in a beautiful world.

if you want to visit my world, put on your favorite music, click on my slide show sit-back and enjoy...

down by the river

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    Will Cheyney says:

    "An absolute inspiration - every shot is truly stunning.
    She's got it all!"

    April 13th, 2009

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    Stitch says:

    "Maya has always been my lomo idol. Whenever I start doubting my lomographic adventures, I go back to Maya's stream and get loads of inspiration. Thank you Maya!"

    January 21st, 2009

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    N_KWAK says:

    "the most impressive lomographs! :D
    I wanna get your autograph on my big lomo book! ;)"

    November 8th, 2008

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    Jamie Mellor says:

    "I first saw Maya's photos in January 08, they blew me away, so much that I dumped my DSLR, and replaced it with a tiny, lovely Lomo. Thank you so much for that Maya, your photos rule!"

    October 31st, 2008

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    yawen yu says:

    "what should I say?
    Only amazing!!!"

    September 30th, 2008

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    MaiMai_0111 says:

    "maya is the queen of lomo, i knew this since i first visited her photostream. she and her pictures inspire me to try out more analoge cameras and experiment with film."

    August 26th, 2008

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    ismarah says:

    "Maya is amazing, both as a photographer and as a human being. I am lucky to count her as a friend!"

    June 7th, 2008

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    andyhutchcraft says:

    "Oh no, not another testimonial?? What can I say that hasn't already been said? Maya wields a Lomo like it's another limb. She controls that animal with domineering grace. Her colours are amazing. Her xpro's are mind-blowing. I could go on, but I'll stop now because it's all been said before. It's all true though......"

    June 4th, 2008

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    mooch says:

    "Maya takes the kind of pictures I wish were mine. She reflects what she sees in what she photographs. Thanks for the inspiration."

    March 4th, 2008

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    KlaireLee says:

    "Maya is like a storyteller. Her pics make me crazy! AWESOME always!!!"

    February 29th, 2008

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    taraviolet. says:

    "Maya's photos reflect technicolor dreams overlapping in thin air.
    She shots lomo, and her photos are jaw-dropping.
    They are patchworks are bright colors and poetic arrangements."

    February 7th, 2008

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    Xpectro says:

    "This morning I was happy. Everything felt fresh and shiny... January in Bogota. Then, a comment lead me to an image that took me to the amazing world of Maya. I've been watching the images and now, as the night comes over the city, and the sirens filled my ears I am happier... This dreamy images are coming with me, as dreams with open eyes.

    Really amazing work."

    January 22nd, 2008

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    Edward Olive Actor Photographer Fotografo Madrid says:

    "creative cool"

    December 13th, 2007

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    mickrobi says:

    "first time i write a testimonial.first one for you Maya.just because you are so special.Lomo Holga,etc.nobody has those have them.nobody has those wayes of seeing .you do.did i say special?.yes i did!"

    December 2nd, 2007

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    - ♥ Cherie ♥ - says:

    "Maya is the lomographer that I look up to!! Thanks for sharing your masterpieces with us! Thanks for the inspiration :) lomo on!"

    November 17th, 2007

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    marion (milky soldier) says:

    "Xpro magician, a source of inspiration. Lomo queen :)"

    November 5th, 2007

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    Shahab Zargari says:

    "Maya's xpro shots are delicious!!!! Keep up the great work!"

    September 26th, 2007

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    VadimBravo says:

    "Her photos are cooler than the other side of the pillow"

    September 26th, 2007

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    Twiggy Tu says:

    "you and your pics are really really coooooooooool."

    September 18th, 2007

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    northmanimages says:

    "Out of all my contact here on Flickr,Maya is the first person who I look for in My thumbnails every day, and as with every image she produces I am never dissapointed.
    You are a true artist and your work Sublime.
    You Rock Girl !"

    September 2nd, 2007

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    black stena says:

    "Maya Newman rocks!"

    September 2nd, 2007

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    Presty says:


    August 31st, 2007

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    dazzling mailbox says:

    "I never wrote you a testimonial? I can't believe.
    let me do it now.

    Maya is a wizard, she can take-out the beauty in everything with her lomo camera. She is the first one I knew here and the one that convince me to become a lomographer too. thanks Maya."

    August 31st, 2007

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    Wei Jen Professional photography says:

    "Unique Shot Eye. Composition Eye . I like Maya All Image ..."

    August 13th, 2007

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    blushing rest says:

    "she is...The QueeN Of cOlOr!!!!....(^_-)"

    July 30th, 2007

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    difficult noise says:

    "a talentuous artist
    i really wait each of your pix

    Shine on"

    June 2nd, 2007

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    sunburnsideup says:

    "Maya...I will forever associate deep hues of emerald green with her work. And also swans and planes, intersecting in surreal pools of sky. Brilliant photographer with a sharp eye, and a knack for making the everyday unusual and vivid beyond belief.

    Hooray for Maya Newman!"

    May 17th, 2007

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    Jersey Yen says:

    "she's a greatest lomographer. of course in intrepid colors and compositions. I'm so glad to know her on flickr!"

    May 12th, 2007

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    dreifachzucker says:

    "The world seen through Maya Newmans eyes is a better world. Her photostream is a symphony of never-before-seen-colours and a fountain of inspiration. And... her doubles made me buy the LC-A+."

    April 24th, 2007

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    amazinglyaverage says:

    "LomoGENIUS! :)"

    April 6th, 2007

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    hecpara says:

    "Your color use, is PHENOMENAL."

    March 5th, 2007

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    deneyterrio says:

    "Two Syllables


    December 6th, 2006

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    lomophobia says:

    "Is it a contradiction to speak of perfection in lomography? Maya's pictures are among the most beautiful and highly inspiring shots you'll find anywhere around here if you're goin' for that ol' (or new) Kompakt Automat. Her amazing motives are backed by remarkable colours."

    December 5th, 2006

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    Tim Freh says:

    "She understands the world of Lomo-photography!!!!! It's worth to stay around here.
    For me it's fun looking too her picturesQ

    Ze begrijpt de wereld van Lomografie!!!!! Het is de moeite waard hier even te blijven en te kijken.
    Mij maakt het plezier om naar haar foto's te kijken."

    October 21st, 2006

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    nina_westervelt says:

    "queen of color, you take my breath away."

    October 19th, 2006

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    omrip says:

    "maya IS lomgraphy for me she is the funest person i've ever collaberaed with, a great photograhper who sees the world in a vivid lomgrahpic colorsplash look.
    my best pictures ever came in our doubles swaps!
    thank you for honoring me with your talnet :)"

    September 24th, 2006

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    ndrgrnd-old account#2 says:

    "Maya Newman's work is really exceptional, im not the first in discover it but i wanted to thank u the good times i spend enjoying your work, it's so inspiring and really out of this existence.
    This is her world, she has built an unique and amazing world with her magic eye, thank u for sharing.
    Thank u for open our eyes to the good in this life, it's there, your photos show it with no doubt. Shine on."

    August 9th, 2006

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    lomokev says:

    "i can't believe i have just added her as a contact because i have scene a lot of her stuff before, currently going thought her whole amazing stream. its just a orgy of color, super fantastic lomo soldier keeping it real!!!"

    July 22nd, 2006

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    Lorretine says:

    "I am addicted to Malka's photos. They are just gorgeous!!! GORGEOUS!!!

    July 2nd, 2006

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    understood sneeze says:

    "Malka is an incredible visual artist who captures moments of life with equal or great intensity. She works magic with cross processing, creating intense double-exposed compositions. Her work always leaves the viewer in a state of awe."

    June 29th, 2006

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    dull tin says:

    "1 word.


    June 13th, 2006

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    *****\\MOXXO//***** says:

    "My friend MAYA.... I think wehave the same lomo school, the same taste, we love COLOR for sure...
    Im impressed with your cross pictures because LOMO is in your blood :)
    I HOPE one day we could make a LOMO exibition together... KISS friend MOXXO..."

    May 23rd, 2006

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    JOCKO.HOMO says:

    "Maya is an excellent photographer and an excellent musician!
    Malka is a delightful person, she is my friend and I'm proud.

    May 12th, 2006

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    KiwiBirch says:

    "Maya's photos appear like images beamed in from another world.
    Sometimes surreal, always colourful and often just down right amazing.."

    May 6th, 2006

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    melser says:

    "If one searches through all of Flickr for lomography, then they will discover that Maya's work is omnipresent... and, as I have, they will find that her photographs are consisently the best of the best.

    Maya is one of my lomo heros."

    March 31st, 2006

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    stOOpidgErL says:

    "~*~LOMO QUEEN!~*~

    amazing captures!
    gallery is always a pleasure to browse through!"

    March 22nd, 2006

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    [ CK ] says:

    "Maya's images are candy for the eyes"

    March 19th, 2006

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    jadziajadzia says:

    "the whole world here for me - i am so jealous about the things Maya's able to see. about their shapes and colours. she's so much attentive! reminds me to search for this BEAUTY. thanks Maya and i want you to know that i love your efforts."

    March 12th, 2006

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    jon madison says:

    "oh so wonderful.

    she keeps it surreal."

    March 9th, 2006

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    lsc21 says:

    "The colors are what first attracted me to Maya's photostream. But her imaginative composition is what keeps me coming back. If I were rich, I'd buy a book publishing company just so I could put her work in print."

    March 7th, 2006

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    thoughtless dock says:

    "I just joined flickr a few days ago.
    Rather overwhelming experience to browse through the material but somehow Maya's pictures stood out instantly (no small feat!) and I'm absolutely flabbergasted. Her work is amazing and so inspiring. I never heard of Lomo or cross-processing before until now.

    I've been unsatisfied with my pictures for some time but all the sudden I'm rediscovering photography in a whole new way and I'm very excited about it. Got learn more about those techniques.
    Thank you Maya!"

    February 20th, 2006

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    scootiepye says:

    "not only is she a tip top lomographer I hear she makes a fantastic chicken soup !

    H ..."

    February 4th, 2006

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    giddy cellar says:

    "When you add amazing images with eye-catching colours and processing, you could still be a long way off the works of genius that Maya presents to us here."

    January 31st, 2006

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    Tal Bright says:

    "Maya's amazingly colourful pictures are such a treat! They brighten up my screen and make a beautiful screensaver :)

    She's also very nice!"

    January 18th, 2006

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    phoneome says:

    "The queen of Lomohomes has come to flickr to make this place her own. For purity of vision and vibrancy of colour her eye is extraordinary. Small wonder then that she has gained a clan of admirers in a very short time here.

    She's also very nice!"

    December 9th, 2005

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