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About CC Licenses - I haven't been very consistent about these. If you see a photo you want to use that has "all rights reserved" then please ask before using - chances are good I will change the license for you.

About me - I'm not particularly fond of describing myself in a textbox. Suffice it to say I love photography, music, reading and I have engineering background, not artistic.

I do not think in terms of 'photostreams.' I'm old fashioned, I guess, but, I don't intend for people to randomly go through all my pictures and have them make sense. That's why I have tons of photosets organized. Other pictures I upload will typically be for a specific 'group.' So if it seems like I upload a lot of stuff that doesn't make sense together, just be aware of that, I guess.

Classic M.A.X
(photo by brookenovak)

Camera Equipment

Canon 30D

Canon 24-70 f/2.8 L
Canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS L

580EX Flash
CP-E3 Battery Pack
Lumiquest Mini-softbox
Lumiquest Softbox
Lumiquest 80-20

Canon A300 point and shoot
Various older film cameras

Lighting Equipment
JTL 200W Versalight
JTL 300W Mobilight w/ battery pack (~100 shots @ full power)
JTL heavy light stands

PocketWizard Plus II Radio Slave Tx/Rx

Photoflex 3'x4' Softbox (gold and silver inserts)
Accessory kit for softbox including circle mask, strip mask and louvres.
Heavy duty stand on casters
(2) 45" Adjustable silver brollys.

Full Background Stand (10' I think) w/ black background
Westcott 5'x6' collapsible reversible background (grayish/bluish)

Westcott 4-in-1 42" reflector kit (1 silver/gold, 1 white/ diffuser) w/ boom stand

Sekonic L308 Flash meter


google talk sn: maxshirley /at/ gmail dawt com

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    Velvet G says:

    "I'd been meaning to write this for some time now and when I realized I never did, I kicked myself.

    Max does brilliant work. I could end with that because it pretty much sums up my thoughts on his photography, but I'll say more. It was through his impressive action shots that I realized that I also wanted a 70-200mm lens. Even though he does inspire the rest of us, he's a good guy and very free to compliment people on the work they do.

    It speaks volumes about his character.

    I'm always looking for the next big thing to come from Max... and he never disappoints."

    August 17th, 2006

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    JoshN pro says:

    "When I started training with Max, he helped me to change my eating habits. I eat so much more healthy now and as a result have better muscle definition to show for it and I feel better. The weight training helped me develop great definition and feel more powerful for my videos and for my photo shoots. I’ve gotten so many compliments from people in the music business and just friends and family. Max absolutely cuts you no slack, but you feel great as a result. So it’s about feeling more powerful as well as being more powerful. He’s the man."

    November 3rd, 2005

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    !fatima says:

    "Max is a true team player and understands PEOPLE. His personality rocks big time and his creativity is very .... how shall I put it ... CATCHY. His awesome photos were many of my first favs."

    June 29th, 2005

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    Special says:

    "Max is a bastard. He takes brilliant photographs that make mine look like dirt. Starts wonderful groups that leave mine in the mud, and THEN he goes and makes us all look like little kids with daddy's polaroid in the Chase.

    I'm going to be waiting for him in an Alley one night..."

    October 17th, 2004

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    fubuki says:

    "Max is Master Po to my Caine, Quincy to my Sam, Fonzie to my Richie, Batman to my Robin, Hawkeye to my Radar, Picard to my Wesley, Fred to my Barney, Sean Connery to my George Lazenby...

    Max is All-Flickr - a photographin', networkin', group-makin' dynamo. When he comments on your photo - and he will - consider yourself blessed. When he adds you to his contacts - and he will - consider yourself annointed. When he invites you to one of his ingenious group - and he will - consider yourself proven. in fact, you will find yourself devoting your entire photographic effort to capture something that will fit cleanly into Max's weltanzeitgeistschaunctgesellschaft - and you will."

    October 5th, 2004

max shirley
July 2004
I am:
Male and Single
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