I can't believe it's been 15 years since I first started using Flickr. It has been a wonderful journey.


I am a Nikon guy, and love my D750 (and D700). Unfortunately, I do not find as many reasons to shoot as I used to, except for my kid / family photos. I also have a Panasonic DX100. And inevitably, I shoot more and more of my photos on my iPhone X and iPad Pro.


All of my pictures are labeled with Creative Commons "attribution" license. That means you can freely use the high quality versions of my pictures as long as you attribute them to me (or "maveric2003") and, if online, provide a link to the flickr page. If you plan to use my picture in print form, say in a pamplet, book, or other commercial use, you may do so after asking me for permission. This is mostly because I'm curious to see what uses others can find for my pictures!

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