I'm an artist working in various mediums including paint, print and drawing.

portraiture has always been part of my practice and in 2010 when I joined flickr I became part of Julia Kay's Portrait Party. what a delightful, talented group of people from all walks of life, all drawing each other in all corners of the world! it changed my life in many ways, all for the better, too many to recount here but I've met quite a few of the artists in the 'real' world and hope to meet more as time goes on.

my participation in the portrait party has slowed up somewhat while my work in other areas has picked up. swings and roundabouts as they say here in England. it could all start going the other way, who knows?

thanks for looking.

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    jerry waese ★ says:

    "Maureen's work has the special something which for the purpose of this testimonial I will call the "X" factor, because it gets to the crux of characterization, as well as design. In a sense, she has a gift of sharing what amounts to X-ray vision into the subject, and into art itself.

    This is not something anyone gets for free, so while gifted with that special something "X", there is no question that Maureen has devoted a great energy into finding what others do not find, something that ties together the work of the "masters" to the work of her "Peers" and to the essence of her own work.

    For Maureen's X-ray magic to occur, any marking method will do, from chopsticks to oil, crayon, to stone, I would be surprised if she did not make art out of staples and leather if they were at hand.

    We are lucky that we do not need to wear lead garments in the face of Maureen's high powered ouvre, the X-Radiation is figurative, you will not suffer in the least by viewing her work, which usually is figurative in the sense that she can introduce you to the human form as easily as to a teapot, and once introduced, (by virtue of her x-ray eyes) you feel like you actually know the person she has paused to draw or paint.

    And here I pause, and I recommend that you also pause, and spend more time with as many of her pieces as possible, because it will touch something inside of you, something ephemeral, potentially contagious, something that we might call 'X'."

    April 25th, 2013

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    fauve_gal says:

    "It is always easy to favourite Maureen's portrait drawings.They leap dramatically from the page,with lively lines and something tangible about the sitter,captured, as if by magic."

    June 22nd, 2012

maureen nathan
January 2010