I carry a camera everywhere I go. I have for years. I currently shoot with an arsenal of manual nikkor lenses, a D700, D200 and a D50 my son now shoots with my old D50. I attempt to tag all pictures with lenses used, but sometimes I just can't do it. I upload directly off the camera via wifi (hooray eye.fi), but I can and will post process RAW on request. If you`re family, and you`re not seeing the family stuff, get yourself a flickr account and add me as a contact. If you want a print and it`s got a spot on it, let me know, I can fix it. It`s not a big deal, and all you have to do is drop me a mail.


If I don't know you and you're mining for stuff, You don't have to steal my pictures, they're Creative Commons for non-commercial efforts.


If you want to use my stuff for a commercial project or get higher quality images in print. you can contact me and I'm sure we can work out a license.


Although I do this for fun, I do shoot for money. I do accept bribes and gratuities for non-editorial work. For editorial work, I am a member of the NPPA, and follow the code of ethics (no bribes allowed).


Pictures of people. If you're interested in portraiture, let me know. I'm interested in expanding my portfolio, so there is flexibility depending on the work.


In addition to being a card carrying camera nerd, I am a mostly full-time wireless geek. Back in 2000, I started a project called SeattleWireless, I am heavily involved in the FreeNetworks movement, and have a company called Metrix Communication LLC that sells high quality gear for people building out WiFi mesh networks. I think it's important that communities can communicate without corporate controls.


I've also started another blog, focused on the neighborhood I live and work in.




Matt Westervelt. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

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Matt has a great eye for the interesting.

July 12, 2006