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I'm an amateur photographer but professional IT guru with more than 30 years experience in computers and software. Here on Flickr you will find my photos I've taken every now and then here and there and during my trips all over the world.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your visit!

How to use my photos
Read these instructions carefully. You may freely use my photos licensed under Creative Commons license only if you agree the following:

You must
1) Comply with the Creative Commons license of each photo. Please note that the license varies from item to item.

2) Use my photo in your own creative work. Commercial projects are OK, if the license permits so and if not, simply contact me and send some Flickr mail and ask for a permission or waiver for your commercial project or request commercial license through Getty Images.

3) Attribute (display) my name next to the photo or on the same page with the photo or list my name in the photographers/credits section of your printed/electronic material.

4) A link back to the photo page here on Flickr is desirable when applicable, but mandatory in electronic, such as PDF-files, and online media, e.g. websites.

You must not
5) Simply mass-copy/duplicate my photos onto another photo or media server, other photo sharing websites, online galleries, databases, Wikipedia or Wiki Commons or any other related means. According to Flickr Community Guidelines, you are encouraged to link to my photo here on Flickr not just download and redistribute it elsewhere.

How to attribute
Below is a sample picture displaying how to show my name next to the photo and link back to the photo page.

Capitol dome
Photo: Matti Mattila

Need license
If you would like to use my photo commercially, simply request the license through Getty Images by clicking the appropriate link next to the photo.

Seek permission
If you find my photo stamped with all rights reserved or you feel the CC license too restrictive for your needs, just send me Flickr mail and ask a written permission to use that photo. You will most probably get one.

Photos of Matti Mattila (5)

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  • Matti Mattila by Matti Mattila
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  • Releasing my book by Matti Mattila
  • Self portrait by Matti Mattila
  • Caricature by Jouko Nuora by Matti Mattila
  • Caricature by Jouko Nuora by Matti Mattila
  • I am Ziggy Stardust by Matti Mattila
  • Art class #1 by Matti Mattila
  • Bringing out my book by Matti Mattila

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Matti Mattila
July 2006
Matti Mattila