I'm a copywriter and motor racing journalist from Holland who likes to take a snapshot or two, mostly of pretty holiday locations and pretty women, with some urbex thrown in there for good measure.

My female portraits seem to be the biggest attraction here, as they have now lifted me above 15 million views. I would describe my style as natural glamour, so no make-up, no Playboy poses, no sexy outfits, but simply showing the natural beauty of my models in the daily space in which they live and breathe, proving in the process that fortysomething is the best age a woman can have.

On occasion I will be on the other side of the camera, posing for one of my models, Hanneke, who is a gifted photographer herself.

I have always been a fervent supporter of travelling light. So having found that my Panasonic FZ18 was starting to hold me back in terms of DoF and shooting in natural light, I stuck to my guns and didn't go DSLR. Instead, I got myself a Panny GH3 and a G3 back-up camera, with a set of three lenses: a 12-35mm wide-angle zoom, a 45-200mm tele zoom , both from Panasonic, and a 45mm Olympus portrait lens. It's a lot more stuff to carry around but I'm still not breaking my back over it...

Please note that I have a separate Flickr account featuring my car and motorsport photography.

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    illuminiscious says:

    "I’m a big fan of mdiepraam’s portrait photography because it’s pure, atmospheric and artistic - without becoming ‘arty’. It’s also a celebration of the natural beauty of women in their forties. His three models are gorgeous and stylish women in themselves, and probably among the most beautiful on Flickr, but he manages to enhance their casual class to a level on which all three ladies are living proof that fortysomething women are at their absolute prime, combining youthfulness and maturity in an entoxicating mix of fragility and confidence. And yet they are portrayed in their natural environment, in their day-to-day clothes, simply being themselves. Here you can see how he cares for his models: his love for them encourages each of them to radiate their inner beauty, allowing them to be more than just a ‘pretty picture’. And so we are presented with three breathtakingly beautiful goddesses that do not have to be ‘sexy’ to be hugely attractive. Absolutely enthralling...."

    April 15th, 2014

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    rob1034 says:

    " Your photostream is indeed a fitting, long due tribute to that most fascinating species of females, the western european woman: Cool and unpretentious, assertive and fiercely independent, charming but dignified, always hugely desirable but rarely a mere sexual object, usually a case of natural charm and sex appeal, equally at ease dancing in the techno club and attending a concert of chamber music, aging beautifully like quality wine and blossoming in the process, mostly of a lean, athletic shape, noble face, long legs attractively showcased in short skirts, skinny jeans and heavy boots, princesses looking like working-class girls-next-door and vice versa .... Last but not least: Last corner of the earth where fabulous hair in natural blonde or red hues can still be found ...."

    March 9th, 2014

April 2011
The Netherlands
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