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I have been keen photographer for years with a keen interest in UK Fire Service, past, present and modern day. Most of my works resides around the UK Fire Service and fire stations up and down the UK. Having grown up with friends and family in the job and giving up my spare time with various Fire Service activities including charity fundraising I get to see and been involved in things you don’t always see.


I promote the work of the fire service and what they do including attending exercises, incidents (where I get told or come across on my travels, following all protocols when on incident grounds). Over the years I have gained an extensive collection from behind the cordon (all with permission) of some larger incidents in and around Lincolnshire. As a member of the public I don’t like to see the local resources reduced from what is already a stretched pot. We need the Fire Service, maybe not always but when it goes wrong you need someone to call up, as events in 2017 have shown.


Besides my emergency service work I do venture out to other areas but only as and when I get that feeling, always travelling with the camera ready to capture what comes in front of my eyes.


If you have any queries or want to work with me drop me a message. If any station is ready and wants anything (within reason) drop me a line and I will help you out.

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