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Hi! I'm Matt. I live in Bristol, and I mostly take local photos, around Hotwells, Clifton Village, and the harbourside. I especially like low-light and urban photography.


These are my personal favourites of my pictures.


You can find out more about me on my website, or follow me on Twitter.




Many of my pictures are Creative Commons licensed, and many have been used on websites, in blogs and in print. If you want to use any of my Creative Commons Attribution-licensed pictures, then feel free. Please:


1) Credit me as Matt Gibson (preferably with a link to the Flickr picture page)

2) (optional) Leave a comment on the picture, or drop me a FlickrMail (to let me know; you don't need to ask permission...)


Some of my photos have non-commercial Creative Commons licences. That doesn't mean I'd never want them used for commercial purposes -- just ask (via FlickrMail, or you can find a Contact page on my personal site), and we'll see if we can come to some arrangement...


Please don't use any of my pictures without express permission if they're not Creative Commons licensed.


To check the licencing of a photo, look under the "Additional Information" section on the right hand side of the photo page.

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