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  • Tím Bằng Lăng ... by Roy Photo's - Tạ Duy Cường
  • The Gang of 4... by Arijit's....Frame_Work
  • Red hot .. by Arijit's....Frame_Work
  • Moored... by Arijit's....Frame_Work
  • clip... by Arijit's....Frame_Work
  • Exposição de Fotografia by Teresa Teixeira
  • E' parte di lei, eppure è la sua peggior nemica. by MartaZ*
  • Flickr Top - July 2010 by Le Zla -
  • Work highlighted by Flickr by Matilde B.
  • 157 ~ waterproof photographer by Teresa Teixeira
  • 131 ~ waterproof photographer by Teresa Teixeira

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    Michael--B says:

    "Matilde is an amazingly talented photographer on Flickr! Her photos capture moments in time that make you wish you could have been there to see it in person. She has an exceptional eye for beauty. I always look forward to seeing her newest photos - she truly inspires me to be a better photographer!"

    February 13th, 2008

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    stevenbulman44 says:

    "If there is a flickr friend whose creative mind I delight in, it is Matilda’s. Not just for her outstanding images, but also for their unique atmosphere, gritty mood and down right interest.
    My hat goes off to you and your terrific work. Best of all is your consistent ability to transfer that wonderful imagination of yours into one great image after another."

    February 12th, 2008

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    Milena T. says:

    "Matilde is so many things and all of them beautiful and warm, like her photos:)

    September 19th, 2007

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    jmark media llc says:

    "What can you say after looking at Matilde's photostream? Easily one of the most skilled image creators that I know! Matilde brings an eye and thought process to her images that creates a scenario that allows the viewer to absorb the be there in a dream world. Further, she is one of the kindest people one might hope to meet anywhere! VERY few people consistently amaze me, but she does...every time! I am so pleased that she has accepted the challenge of assisting our group, The Portfolio, with here skill set and graceful style. I look forward to learning from this kind spirit and being amazed each time she hits the upload button!"

    May 26th, 2007

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    Jeff Clow says:

    "Matilde is an extremely talented photographer - and one quick look through her photostream will confirm that fact. She uses light and composition superbly to produce world class images.

    But what you might not know is that this classy lady is also a generous member of the Flickr community who takes the time and makes the effort to praise other's works here on a regular basis.

    Flickr is a better place because Matilde is involved here, and I'm proud to call her a friend..."

    December 31st, 2006

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    CharlieBrown8989 says:


    I am now awared that she was in California for few years. Only on flickr I have the opportunity to know her images.

    In running through her exhibits here & her own site. I am totally impress & running out of word to say.................

    Superb & owesome!!!!!

    Each one is a fine master piece of imaging art.

    Please visit her more often so that to get enlighten.

    You are great my friend............................."

    December 16th, 2006

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    _Hans van de Vorst says:

    "I really like the creative minds, they think differently and change things. I've found that in Matilde and her pictures. Colorful, conceptual, tender and powerful. She can make you smile and make you think. Matilde has the spirit of a true artist, is an intriguing woman and generous whilst visiting your stream."

    July 29th, 2006

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    .dale. says:

    "I’m not one to take the time to write testimonials about all the wonderful photographers on this site, but I couldn’t stop looking through every one of Maltilde’s breathtaking images. She has this way of making the ordinary become extraordinary. I believe that is what great photographers do. Her compositions, cropping, lighting, and sense of color are spot-on. She’s a diamond in the rough, and her stream was a great find."

    April 30th, 2006

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    konaboy says:

    "I have to be honest. (This is a testimonial, afterall.) I believe I first found Matilde's photos because of that beautiful smiling buddy icon of hers. Hey, I'm only human! This led me to her set of wonderful self portraits, naturally, and from there I was hooked.

    It became clear as I wandered through her sets that Matilde is an artistic, very versatile photographer. Landscapes, sunsets, cityscapes, flowers, travel, family, and more are represented in her photos, and all shot with skill, finesse, and much creativity.

    Over the months since then, I've learned that Matilde is also a warm, intelligent, kind and very funny woman; as beautiful in heart and spirit as that smiling face suggests.

    So, flickrs, take my advice and follow that irresistible Matilde smile to some engrossing, artful photography. You may end up finding a true friend behind the photos, as I have."

    April 21st, 2006

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    Funny Fish says:

    "Matilde is one of the most daring photographers I have met in a while. She has a wonderful eye for the sea, the landscape and Portugal in its whole. She is, additionally, most creative is self-portraits! There are only a few people around who master this so wonderfully!
    And above all: She is a real Sis:-)"

    March 12th, 2006

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    Project 404 says:

    "Matilde is a happy photographer. She finds the joy in life and captures it for us to see. Take some time to explore her world, you wont be disappointed."

    January 12th, 2006

Matilde Berk
June 2005
Cabinda, Angola
I am:
Professional photographer, artist by heart
Matilde is my name - blog
me.matilde [at]