I like to take photos. I like to tag photos. I like to look at my friends' photos. Funny how flickr makes all those simple things work so well together.

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    Hugger Industries says:

    "Matt -- the man that modded a Trek Lime."

    5th June, 2008

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    waxpancake says:

    "You can't make a Metafilter without a Mathowie."

    11th October, 2006

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    rouseville says:

    "As a young man, mathowie's wanderlust combined with his love of whittling & scrimshaw led him to the wild lands of the Yukon, where he spent many a year trying to carve community weblogs out of the ivory tusks of beached narwhals. One day, a passing crab pot fisherman suggested he move from whale tusk to a more appropriate application server and software development framework. And the rest, as they say, is history."

    27th September, 2006

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    ifindkarma says:

    "Matt is just a wonderful human being. Thanks for doing what you do, Matt!"

    18th May, 2005

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    stavrosthewonderchicken says:

    "Without Matt, I'd just be some loser with a cretinous pseudonym. With Matt, I'm a prolix poultry superhero.

    With a cretinous pseudonym.

    A really big part of the fun I've had in my life in the last 3 years has been thanks to Matt's work at Metafilter. I love the man."

    20th May, 2004

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    Joe Crawford (artlung) says:

    "1. Mathowie
    2. Community
    3. ???
    4. Profit!"

    19th March, 2004

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    holgate says:

    "Damn you, ColdFusion!"

    10th March, 2004

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    owillis says:

    "For several years, the leader in web-based pancake services."

    21st February, 2004

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    mac steve says:

    "Metafilter Matt.
    There is no one like him."

    10th February, 2004

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