I have recently published a free e-book. You are welcome to download it, and pass it on. The title is Does the Bible Really Say That?. The book is a Bible study, on such matters as whether the early church prayed much for unbelievers, whether marriages need to be conducted in church, prophecy, whether women can ever be the spiritual leader in a home, homosexuality and eternal security. There are a lot of quotations from the Bible (a modern-language public domain version) in the book. On some issues, I come to a conclusion. On others, I don't. The book is about 100 pages long, with plenty of white space, and in 13 point type.

From this web page, you can download the e-book in Kindle, epub, PDF, Word and html (web page) format, at no charge.

If you prefer, you can purchase the book from Amazon, for $0.99 US.

Some of the material in the book has been published, in graphic form, on Flickr, in my set, Posters and charts, mostly Bible-related.

About me
Senior citizen, interested in science, Christian. My wife took a few of these photos, including some of the best ones. She also told me to take some of the others. I'm responsible for posting, etc.

My blog (mostly not photos) is here. This post, in that blog, sets forth some of my thoughts on photography.

I have set my My Contacts page so that I only see one photo from each Contact at a time. I just can't keep up with those of you who post several at a time. Sorry.

If I'm not conscientiously able to comment on other people's photos, because of travel, sickness, other important parts of my life, I don't post any photos.

I believe that the relationships I have with Flickr Contacts are special. Among other things, I should usually view all their photos, and comment, or otherwise act, on them. (I usually won't comment on photos of pets or family members, or other things I know nothing about, or on pictures in your photos that don't seem to be original. I also won't make an effort to comment on more than one picture from the same person in one day.) If I find I can't conscientiously do this, because of the volume of photos posted, or their content, I usually terminate my end of the Contact relationship. I should help my Contacts in any way I can. I don't always reciprocate when someone takes me as a Contact, usually because I feel that I just can't add any more. I generally don't add anyone as a new Contact if they add me, but don't comment or Favorite my pictures, if they already have a large number of Contacts, or if their photostream consists mostly of pets, family members, or things I'm not comfortable or familiar with. I may remove Contacts if they are posting, but not acting on my pictures.

See my Flickr resolutions, originally posted January 1, 2006, and revised and re-posted November 2, 2007.

I try to do more than required -- if a group asks that I comment on one photo when adding one, I usually comment on 2 or 3, and the like. I know everyone hasn't the time for such behavior, but I'm retired. In other words, I try to apply the Golden Rule. I appreciate other Flickr members who do the same, and there are a lot of them, whether they'd put it that way or not.

I try to thank Flickr users for unsolicited comments or unsolicited Favoriting by reciprocating, not by adding a reply to that comment. If you don't have any photos available to me, I don't usually respond.

Psalm 111:2 Great are the works of the Lord,
studied by all who delight in them.
3 Full of splendor and majesty is his work,
and his righteousness endures forever. (ESV)

Martin LaBar. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

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    Tess McCoy says:

    "Martin is one of the sweetest people here on flickr. He really takes time to make each and every one of his contacts feel appreciated, something which most of us fail to do. Not to mention that his faith and kindness are truly inspirational and shine through in his photographs. It is clear that he tries hard to capture the beauty that God has created all around us. :)"

    March 8th, 2012

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    Lord Cuauhtli says:

    "Hi Martin!!! well i wanted to thank your wonderfull friendship!!! every picture you post here is a delightful piece of art!! keep taking beautiful pictures my dear friend!!! and for the flickr fellowship, this is a photostream highly recommended!!!!!"

    November 14th, 2007

Martin LaBar
December 2004
Upstate South Carolina
United States
I am:
Male and Taken
retired science professor
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