Hey! I'm Martina! I'm 17. Photography is my passion. It's my creative outlet and my source of showing what I want to say when I don't quite know how to put it in words. It's more than a hobby, it's a part of my life.


Have any questions? Want to be my friend? Just want to talk? Send me a message! I'll always reply! :)

-Please ask permission before blogging my photos! Thanks! :)

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    Joe'sInTheHouse says:

    "Martina, you are such a lovely person and a great friend. I really enjoy talking to you and you are one of my favourite contacts on Flickr. It is amazing to see how much you have improved over the year with your photography, and I love how you have developed your own unique style which I am in love with. It has been a pleasure following your photostream, and your 365 project has definitely been one of the highlights of my year. Your ideas are magical and creative, and you come up with the most imaginative and interesting concepts. You have so much talent. And you inspire.

    I wish you all the best for the future.

    - Joe"

    December 18th, 2012

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    Send me adrift. says:

    "Every photo I view of Martina's is absolutely magnificent. Each is beautiful, unique, her own. She has her own style from her creative mind, and her photography is like dreams coming to reality.
    She captures imagination."

    August 14th, 2012

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    annakwilliams says:

    "Growth. That is what I keep seeing. Martina keeps getting better and better. I always love to see her new uploads. She never fails to try something new. Her locations are always stunning. She has a unique style that I can never see enough of."

    June 21st, 2012

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    gabhai says:

    "Martina's pictures are so inspirational! She is naturally gifted and is so creative. Her 365 day project is amazing and I look forward to her uploads everyday! Keep it up :)"

    May 30th, 2012

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    jyryk58 says:

    "Martina is a young photographer but full of creativity and sense for photography. She has potential to grow up into a really awesome photographer in future... :-)
    Thanks for sharing your photos, Martina... :-)"

    May 26th, 2012

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    allison.johnston says:

    "Martina is a great contact, she posts amazing photos in her 365, from self-portraits to nature, everything she produces is great and I adore her work. With every photo she posts she improves just a little bit, and each time I see a new photo from her I fall in love with her work every time."

    May 25th, 2012

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    ErikaGtierrez says:

    "I just wanted to say that I'm so glad, I've seen you in your grown. You became a professional, one of my favorites photostreams also. I hope I could see all the progress of you coming and enjoy your perfect shots!


    May 22nd, 2012

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    jana zee says:

    "Martina has grown so much as a photographer since the first time I saw her stream! All of her photos are lovely, they're always creative and her 365 project is so good. It's inspiring to see her uploads!"

    May 10th, 2012

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    emma sutcliffe photography says:

    "Martina is such an incredible person and photographer. I always enjoy seeing her photos - whether they're selfs, portraits, nature, or whatever - they are fantastic! I adore her use of light and composition so much! Her 365 is such a lovely thing to watch, I always enjoy each photo!
    and she's such a lovely and sweet person, so go and look at her stream! :D"

    April 3rd, 2012

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    Erica Almquist says:

    "martina's photos are AMAZING! they're extremely inspirational and she is a very talented photographer!! i hope more and more people find her photos and add her as a contact because she totally deserves it!

    March 26th, 2012

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    RachelMarieSmith says:

    "Martina's photostream is unique in that it shows her life and forms a style of its own through that. She had great portraits and a lot of her photos have a great sense of warmth to them in the colors. She has a great 365 and can only keep going up from here! :D"

    March 14th, 2012

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    From ALEPPO says:

    "I am not a man of words . I just wanna say that I like your photos alot ..... keep it going ."

    March 6th, 2012

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    Elle ☮ says:

    "Hey! I really needed to say something good about this girl because I think she's a natural talent! She's kind, great, young and full of original ideas! Martina I love what you're doing, I love your works and the passion you put into it. You always give me good inspirations with your wonderful photos. You're a lovely girl, keep up you're great work! (and thanks againg for mentioning me in your video, it means a lot to me!)

    February 24th, 2012

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    shannon foley* says:

    "You can cross having 5 testimonials off your list of goals! martinak15 has been so supportive and is one of the nicest people I've seen on flickr, not to mention she is an amazing photographer. I always get excited when she posts something new and she really is someone who inspires me. :)"

    February 11th, 2012

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    chrissymllr says:

    "Yay! Okay, I just wanted to say how inspirational Martina is to me and she's such a sweetheart to talk to! If you're new to flickr, she's probably like the best person to talk to! Very helpful and sweet. :)"

    January 16th, 2012

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    SkySNAPS Photography says:

    "Martina is one of the nicest people I have ever come across on flickr. She always has a kind word. Her photography ranges from lighthearted fun to seriously emotional. I love the way she documents her life through her photos and descriptions. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this amazing girl."

    January 5th, 2012

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    coollessons2004 says:

    "The thing that I personally like about Martina's images is that she has a joy of life that is captivating. The Latin phrase "Carpe Diem" was written with Martina in mind. And all this is reflected in her awesome photostream, which is as lovely as it is whimsical. It's impossible to become or remain old when touched by Martina's images."

    November 3rd, 2011

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    *amanda lynn says:

    "Martina is one of the nicest people on flickr. She always has nothing but nice things to say on my photos! Her photos are so unique and she is so stunning! i cant wait to see what new photos she comes up with!"

    November 3rd, 2011

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