Hi my name's Mark and I'm an alcoholic.

Not really.

I live in sunny Cardiff and take photographs with limited ability, which is only partially made up for by enthusiasm, although hopefully if you look through my photo history you will see a slow upward trend in quality. I'm actually sort of proud of some of them.

I have recently bought my first 'serious' camera, a Nikon D40, and am slowly getting into film photography. This isn't strictly true anymore, as I've also spent a wad of wonga on a D90. Still slowly getting into film photography though.

Also I've noticed this is pretty much the top-ranking google result that's actually about me, so you might want to check out my actual website (which is pretty spartan, but includes links to other bits and pieces), or my Facebook Profile – a little more informative, if you're a member.

Mark Turner. Get yours at flagrantdisregard.com/flickr
My cameras:
Canon Powershot A700
Nikon D40
Polaroid 600 (but I'm scared to use them up)
Apple iPhone
Minolta X-700
Holga 120N
Lomo LC-A
Nikon D90

All my best photos are here.

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    Richard Beer says:

    "While Mark may lack both style and artistic vision his photos never fail to be accurately tagged and ammended with witty comments. Also worth commending is his taste in music and gig photos which have always provided me with excellent recommendations for expanding my music collection."

    September 26th, 2006

Mark Turner
September 2004
Cardiff, UK
I am:
Moving things around on a screen