"Just a dog" brings into my life the very essence of friendship, trust, and pure unbridled joy.  (38~52)

Many years ago I got caught by the photography bug but with developing costs I never did shoot as much as I needed to and gradually my love of photography faded into the background and I became a snapshot taker. My photography interest never died, with the flames being rekindled in 2007, and further fanned when I looked at some shots a friend took with a DSLR when we we camping in June, 2008. In September 08 I invested in an Olympus E-520 and had a blast learning to take advantage of it. Over the past several years I have invested in a number of lenses and most recently, replaced by trusty E-520 with the Olympus E5 (what a fantastic camera!!)

As you will see in my stream, while I try to shoot a variety of subjects, dogs are my favourite subject. Our Standard Poodle, Autumn and our now deceased Golden Doodle, Sampson show up in many, as to several of our friend's dogs. More recently I have expanded my horizons to launch Mark Muschett Photography so you will also start to see photographs from thoses sessions in my stream, as well as some shots from animal shelters where I am volunteering to help improve the quality of photographs of animals seeking new homes.

I am SO appreciative of all of of the wonderful support and feedback I have received since joining Flickr. Its such a supportive community and I continue to learn from you each and every day. Even better, I Flickr has been the catalyst of several friendships that have grown beyond the "Flickrverse".

Adding me as a contact:
I really do appreciate being added as a contact, however, please don't be offended if I don't reciprocate. I try really hard to follow all of my contacts closely and comment on a regular basis. Much as it irks me to admit it I am pretty much at my max for doing that and I don't want to lower the standard I hold myself to. However, even if you are not my contact I will comment back on your photos every time you comment on one of mine. Thanks again for your visit!

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  • Condolences by RachaelMc
  • Sandbanks Provincial Park - 2008 by Mark Muschett Photography
  • The Lumberjack by Mark Muschett Photography
  • Me and Sampson (25~52) by Mark Muschett Photography
  • Butterfly Kisses (25~52) by Mark Muschett Photography
  • My ♥Favs♥ of the week•••••••••{NOT MINE} by bford13

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    sprinkle happiness says:

    "I LOOOVE Mark's work.

    He can always capture the best in his dogs. In any case or scenario, he brings out beauty and joy. I am so happy to know his work, and stream. I am always left speechless at every single photo. It's just stunning how he can take a photo so perfectly. Mark needs his own word that defines him as being more than amazing. I love his doodles also! They are great dogs, and have the best souls.

    wishing you much luck!


    March 27th, 2011

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    127 Blue Hearts says:

    "Mark is such an awesome contact. All of his photos are magical and beautiful. Some of his photos are the best photos I've ever seen. His dogs are wonderful models and I love to see them. Marks's macro photos are amazing.
    Plus, he's a really nice guy who comments on my photos often.
    I'm glad that he's one of the best contacts I've ever had :)"

    September 27th, 2009

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    Elizabeth Gadd says:

    "'Bout time I wrote Mark a testimony.

    It's the OODLES that captured my attention the moment I came across Mark's photostream. Poodles used to be my least favorite breed, but after being owned by a Poodle mix for several years, they've started to grow on me. And now, I am a Poodle fanatic. :) These oodles of poodles are full of adventure, are smart, dumb, happy, loyal, playful, willing to please, crazy, have unpredictable zoomie attacks... It's their personality that I've fallen in love with, and can I just say that Mark captures their wild personality PERFECTLY in his every day photos.

    I'm always excited when I see new photos from DoodlesNPoodles... "YES, he posted new poodle pictures! WOW, these are fantastic! C'mon Sparky, lets go get some new 'oodle' pictures of you, too!".

    Not only does Mark take brilliant Poodle and Doodle pictures, but his photos of nature are just as breathtaking! The flowers, the grass, the trees, the skies, the water, it's all amazing! This guy has a real talent at capturing animals and nature at it's best, and I look forward to seeing more wonderful and inspiring photos from him in the future!

    Thanks for all your work Mark, keep it up!"

    September 15th, 2009

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    meg price says:

    "I can't remember how I came across Mark's photostream now, but I am so glad I did. Mark takes magical, creative and inspiring photos, and I always look forward to his next upload. I particularly love seeing his two beautiful dogs, Autumn and Sampson, whose characters and adventures are captured so wonderfully in all his dog photos, I feel as though I know them :)
    Mark is a great contact, always taking time to visit and comment on my photos, I always look forward to his lovely comments. He seems like a very kind, thoughtful and funny person. Thanks for being a good Flickr friend Mark, and I look forward to seeing lots more of your beautiful work (and wonderful doggies!) in the future."

    August 27th, 2009

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    2fragile2fly says:

    "Doodles and Poodles, that sums it up perfectly!
    This photo stream if full of love and affection for those great "furry babies",
    Autumn and Sampson. Your photography skills are intriguing and each day brings an opportunity for new adventures. Please keep those photo smiles coming! :)"

    May 27th, 2009

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    Daisey :-)) says:

    "Wow so much to say!
    As everyone who has seen Mark's photography sees, he shoots the most amazing action and stills of his beautiful dogs Sampson and Autumn. However, if you have a viewed the slide-show of his work ( I suggest you do if you haven't) on black you will see the depth of talent that Mark has,amazing and really relaxing to view!
    Mark was one of my first three friends here on flickr. He sweetly commented on a crappy pic of one of my dogs and has consistently added thoughtful comments on my stream ever since.
    It has been my pleasure to get to know Mark through flickr and am so proud that he calls me his friend. He is one of the most thoughtful,caring and kind people I have ever met and hope to meet him in the flesh one day!
    As all who know him will tell you, he will never ever give you a one or two word quip on your photos but instead takes the time to really look at,appreciate and give meaningful comments.
    Mark you are the light of all those you touch my friend! Keep those awesome images coming!

    May 17th, 2009

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    jaeger43 says:

    "What wonderful photos Mark takes. His love for his dogs come through with each one of his amazing photos. His photos are both artistic and unique and I gain much inspiration from them. Mark is also a awesome contact. Always quick to comment and always thoughtful. I feel like I know Autumn and Sampson and look forward to many, many more great captures of them."

    April 2nd, 2009

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    ✿ Enchลn†resŞ ✿ says:

    "Mark - A photographer with a big heart and a wide perspective.

    His gallery just ooozes with his love for his poodle darlings. Its just a joy to see his love for his dogs and their love for him and his lens too. Its so hard to bring out the expressions in animals but he does it with just one swooosh of his magic wand ;)

    His work has simplicity and he has a great sense of timing which works so well with his vision.

    Love your work Mark
    Keep it up :)"

    March 26th, 2009

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    JJG Photography says:

    "Doodles N Poodles ~ Well the name sums this wonderful person up. A wonderful and fun contact to have, with a superb photostream. I am suprised no-one else has written a testimonial before as I am always looking forward to the next post on their photostream! Doodles is a very creative and lovely photographer and a highly valued contact in my flickr life. ~ Thank you!"

    March 25th, 2009

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    sippay says:

    """"the talent lives here!

    i saw many photos,,, but here is most awesome shots..

    high quality is what I see in everything we publish, master the art of photography, inspires me to see so much beauty in your images.

    I am often without words to describe the beauty of your photos.

    continue with their works wonderful.

    for many years I hope I pass through here and when you open your delight flickr"""

    March 18th, 2009

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