I was born and grew up in Oldham in the 70's and 80's and for years thought that all the best buses were PTE buses in Orange and White!! NBC was a very faint image to me. I only occasionally saw the odd NBC VRT in Manchester running for Crosville.

I lived in Yorkshire in the early 90's whilst studying at Huddersfield University, and then working in Hull.

In 1998 I moved to Bristol. i moved back to the north west in 2014 where I still live now. It seems to me now that everywhere I've lived is under the control of First - how I hark back to the good old days of Atlanteans, Fleetlines etc. For me, travelling to possible Universities around the country heightened my interest in the various colours and variety of buses out there.


I have been interested in buses ever since I can remember.

I always wanted to be a bus driver and now that I own my own buses -Oldham Corporation 163 OBU163F, GM Buses 81 HNE641N, GM Buses 5120 SND120X and Swindon & District 110 GNF10V - I am!!


As a word of caution. All of my pics are copyrighted to Mark J Amis. Anyone found using my pics without permission either from here or my fotopic site can expect an invoice of £50 per unauthorised image plus a £100 compensation fee.

I've found several of my images on Flickr already (stolen from my Fotopic site) and will be persuing this through legal routes.

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