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Photography has become a real passion over the last couple of years. I think about it constantly! I really only got "serious" about it when I purchased my 7D on holiday in Japan in 2010. It was so much better than my 350D that when I returned home I started doing photowalks with friends or by myself & just enjoying photography for photography's sake (not just when travelling). Since then I've learnt a lot, learnt that there is an infinite amount still to learn and collected more gear. I'm pretty much a chronological poster, and I'm about 2 years behind at the moment so that's a bit weird for me :)

I'm a new(ish) dad, enjoying fatherhood and taking pics of my beautiful daughter. I generally shoot as wide as the lens will allow (sometimes to the photos detriment I must admit).

I'm a bit obsessed with Japan (and by a bit I mean a lot) and the photographic opportunities there. Its such an interesting mix of old & new, geek & cool and its so aesthetically beautiful with distinctly different seasons and some of the best nature around. Been there 4 times but I wish I lived there, at least for a few years. I try and wrangle every o/s trip to be Japan and thus far it's working with my wife. No doubt the 5th trip will be harder to convince her of when the world is a big & cool place. I think I'll use "our daughter needs to see it" tact :)

I love looking at other peoples photos and being inspired. There are some amazing artists on flickr. I particularly like looking at pics of places I've been and seeing how another mind captures the image. It can really widen the way you see things and helps to improve my skills.

I don't use Photoshop. I don't like the idea of altering the reality of a moment too much. I kinda also feel I'd rather concentrate on photography rather than graphic art in the medium of photography (obviously a debatable topic). Part of me feels it's cheating, part of me feels like its beautiful art, regardless if it blurs the line between photography and graphic art :)

If you add me as a contact (and thank you for that) and I don't add you back, please don't be offended. I'm finding it very hard to keep up-to-date with the number of contacts I currently have, with the increasingly limited time I now have with a young daughter. I do like to look at your pics and be actively involved in a meaningful way

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You can license some of my photos on Getty Images

My cup overfloweth Secret Conversation

Fushimi-inari Taisha 2 Steps to Tradition

Cesky Krumlov Christmas town Alight

Baby got back! The Velvet Fog

Stairway to Heaven Marquisde - View my favorites on Flickriver

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