"I am a unique individual... just like everybody else."

(From 'I am my Own Best Casual Acquaintance', by Shanti Goldstein, Contemporary Books)

this is me (dark)

my web site: currently under construction (ya, that's the name)

videos on YouTube

Listen to some of my original music while swimming thru my photostream.
And don't slouch...

Posting my photos on Flickr started primarily as a means to document some of my more recent travels (and a place to stick my photos to save space on my computer!). But attempts at more creative/artistic stuff is trickling in slowly, thanks to the inspirational work of many of my fellow flickr folk.

Previously I worked in a photo studio for 4 years as a printer & doing digital restorations. But I've also learned a thing or two here on Flickr, and am very happy to share ideas with others too. I consider myself an artist (musician 1st, photographer 2nd, other various odds & ends all tied for 3rd).

One group that I admin (not anymore) which I would like to invite people to check out is the
Highly Competitive Flickr 100 Best group. The title is self explanitory.
In November 2005, I started a group called "Before or After" (Not Now), which I think you may find is conceptually a little different from a lot of the groups you'll find on flickr.
Here are 3 more groups I started:
ipod people
Your Movie Poster

I've been on Flickr since May, 2005. Spring, a good time for new beginnings...

Thanks for dropping by...

View my photos at bighugelabs.com

Mr. Mark. Get yours at flagrantdisregard.com/flickr

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    fnorq says:

    "The thing about Mr. Mark is that he is an enigma. No one knows for sure what makes him tick. Be he cuddly or conniving, bemused or bristling, the one they call Mr. will always keep you guessing. Be that as it may, I can tell you a few things I know for sure: Mark is spiritually enlightened. His wit is crafted to the point of absurdity. He is possessed of an almost canine sensuality. And that's good enough for me."

    August 29th, 2006

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    *omnia* says:

    "Mark is one of those rare individuals who not only consistently takes great photos, but also offers a lot of encouragement and support to fellow photographers. He is full of suprises, and seems to defy any categorisation. I really admire how resourceful and fresh his approach is, and also am very grateful for all his feedback. Mr Mark's photostream epitomises the phrase ... "watch and learn" :)"

    June 22nd, 2006

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    Z 28 says:

    "My brother from another mother. I ALWAYS routed for you man."

    May 25th, 2006

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    l8sunrise says:

    "Mr. Mark is one of the greatest people that I've met here on Flickr. He's got a rockin' personality! He's hilar (that's short for hilarious in case you were wondering)! His photos will brighten your day in an instant (I recommend looking at his box head collage! It's so funny! Oh! Also, check out his comic strip!) Did I mention that he is a great guy??? His work is full of character and full of life. After looking through his photos, you will feel as though you have traveled the world with him! Oh, he's a great guy by the way.
    You will never have a boring day with Mr. Mark! I consider myself lucky to have met him here on Flickr. Thanks Mr. Mark for being such a great guy! :) You are an inspiration to us all!"

    May 7th, 2006

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    TLAPD says:

    "Mr Mark's photos are fantastic, he's also a great bloke to boot.

    You'll find some really outstanding stuff in his stream, and you won't regret leaving him a comment, as he's got a fresh personality, and leaves fantastic comments all over the place! :D

    Great work Mr Mark!"

    April 25th, 2006

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    jamie B says:

    "Forever diplomatic in administering Highly Competitive-Flickrs 100 Best he also provides wonderful photos and insightful commentary. Folks like Mr Mark are what make flickr grand."

    January 8th, 2006

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    Yawp Barbarian says:

    "Discovery. The bold frontier. Mark's photostream is a wealth of creativity, and exploration of various cultures, travels, and photographic techniques.

    Fearless with composition, creative with photoshop, bold and daring in capturing the ordinary moments that surround us. His photos are funny, wickedly awesome, and continually explores different themes, and unique levels of experimentation.

    His creativity is constantly evolving and takes the viewer on a wild journey of discovery. A wickedly crazy ride !!!

    Simply awesome !!!"

    January 7th, 2006

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    Hans Speijer says:

    "I just love this guy's photos. Good reviews and good personality. One of the more nice DeleteMe people I know."

    December 8th, 2005

May 2005
Toronto, Canada
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