Marieke (1979) is an entrepreneur with international experience. She chose for a life as entrepreneur to fulfill her potential and enjoy life to the fullest. Adding her value to people and companies to create freedom. Marieke lived and worked in the United States, Brazil and Romania. Originally from the Netherlands she is now launching Branding Personality, the Online Personal Brand Marketing Agency in the United States.

Marieke is an international published author on How to Attract your Target Group Online (Collaborative book: BusinessWise). Businesswise is the second best selling Business book on in May 2007. She started her first blog in 1999 and since then created an interest in online communities, online networking, search engine optimization, blogging and online personal branding. She has delivered numerous projects in this field. Marieke Hensel is also a speaker on the topic of online personal branding and delivers full day workshops in building your personal brand online.

My vision:
With Branding Personality, I want to show people you can attract people & business by who you are. Be authentic and you will not only grow as a person, but your professional life will profit from that. I look forward to a talent and value based or gift economy, instead of a monetary or trade economy. Authenticity, talents and skills are the way towards a value based economy.

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Marieke Hensel
August 2005
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Orange, USA
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