'The work of Maria Molteni is made possible through simultaneous devotions: from beekeeping to the Shakers, basketball to punk she cultivates her own complex approach to research and practice through an intuitive sense of spatial and psychic purpose. Self-described as a “neo(n)catholic‚” there is an almost religious aspect to her methodology, a part-formalist, part- social interventionist approach that is channeled through a humble resourcefulness and keen awareness of the current conditions that request for a dialogue to occur at all. From her giant iridescent inflatables to her crocheted basketball nets hung on abandoned hoops, her multi-faceted projects result in objects that are never static and instead serve as catalysts for new models of engagement.'
-- Shalini Patel

Maria Molteni grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, a parochial-school misfit in the bible belt. She migrated to New England in 2002 to study Painting at Boston University and Printmaking at La Scuola Internazionale Di Grafica (Venice, Italy). Upon graduation these practices proliferated into many ongoing experiments, leading her against the grain of a city built upon degrees. Pursuing diverse educational experiences, she has studied under progressive beekeepers from across the country, completed intensive independent research on various muses, and attended residencies at Mildred's Lane (rural northeastern Pennsylvania), PS1 MoMA Studios (LIC, NY) and the Berwick Research Institute's Bumpkin Island Art Encampment (Bumpkin Island, Boston Harbor, MA). Engaged with diversity in discipline and community she has been part of collectives Danza Organica, The New Craft Artists in Action, Occupy Boston, and the Institute for Infinitely Small Things. She often performs with soft sculpture among abandoned or alternative spaces such as MEME (Cambridge, MA) and Proof Gallery (South Boston, MA) or within institutions including the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, Université Laval (Québec City), Otis College of Art and Design (LA, CA), the Mattress Factory (Pittsburgh, PA), and the Office of Culture and Design, (Manila, The Philippines).

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Maria Molteni
August 2008
Nashville, TN
Boston, MA
I am:
Artist, Organizer, Educator, Beekeeper
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