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I'm a belgian musician and producer, co-founder of Freaksville Publishing, co-founder and producer for Radio Rectangle. I'm a 'New media' professor at Erg (École de Recherche Graphique, Brussels), a 'Sound art' professor at ESA LE 75 (Brussels) and - to a lesser extent - a 'Visual identity' invited professor at HEAJ (Haute-École Albert Jacquard, Namur).

What you'll find here :
- personal pictures about contemporary art, exhibitions, performances and music.
- student works at Erg (École de Recherche Graphique) and ESA LE 75 (Brussels), and at HEAJ (Haute-École Albert Jacquard), Namur.

My show on Radio Rectangle : www.radiorectangle.com/fr/emissions/hobby.html
My website as a teacher : www.multimedialab.be/
My website as a composer and producer : www.xyzebres.be
My Soundcloud : soundcloud.com/marcmorgan

Marc Wathieu, London by Marc Wathieu

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Marc Wathieu
February 2005
Huy, Belgium
I am:
Male and Taken
Artist, teacher, father