"My name is Marcus Møller Bitsch, and I'm a self taught photographer. I was born and raised in Aarhus - Denmark in December 1992. I grew up close to nature with an insatiable curiosity for life and a thriving imagination. I was always seen with pencils and markers close to me, as the creative medium was the easiest way for expressing myself.

I began photographing 3 years ago, after trying different mediums though out my years. I took up photography after a knee injury, which meant I wasn't incapable of doing water-sports, and had therefor oceans time to pursue my newly profound passion.

I'm currently working on a book project, which documents my adventures, dreams, development and my 1 year long travel on the other side of the earth. I work as a freelance photographer, specializing in fashion and conceptual self-portraiture

Earlier this year I finished a big project - "The 365 days project". As the name of the project indicates, the task of this challenge is to capture and process, a photo every single day within the span of the 365 days. There are no other restrictions. If desired, you can check the project out at my flickr."

Currently based in Brisbane - Australia.

For all contact, please use: marcusmbphotography@gmail.com

Please NOTE: All my photos are Copyrighted and All Rights Reserved. If you want to use them please contact me!

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    gurbir.grewal says:

    "I do not think I have ever seen a photographer take minimalism and apply it with as much multidimensionality as Marcus has. His images reach from fantastical concept shots to sleek fashion editorials and all are tied together with this continuous element of simplicity and artfulness. Marcus also has this insane ability to insert social commentary, humour, and even illustration in to his images that I am completely enamored with! I've been so impressed by Marcus' work since I first discovered it because I could tell, right off the bat, that he had a really keen eye and innovative mind. Marcus is one to watch."

    16th December, 2012

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    Taya Iv says:

    "Marcus has some amazing photographs that can really dive deep into your soul and make you want to stand up, get your art tools, and start creating immediately. He always experiments in different genres of photography and I think that he is someone people should look up to.

    Never stop creating, your work is wonderful!"

    13th October, 2012

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    Silje Tveitnes says:

    "Marcus is a really talented photographer. His work with light and depth is amazing. I love how he can make a simple location look like it's sprayed with magic. His stream is a big inspiration to me, and his photos makes me want to improve a lot as a photographer. I recommend everyone to pay attention to his uploads, and to be a fan!"

    28th May, 2012

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    PIXistenz says:

    "Being imaginative and having an aesthetic eye .. Marcus has two important ingredients for becoming a good photographer or visual artist of any kind. I have a feeling he's going to surprise us even more."

    10th October, 2011

Marcus Møller Bitsch
September 2008
I am:
marcus-mb [at] hotmail.com