Marcin Piekalkiewicz is a photographer born in Warsaw, Poland, currently based in Malta.


Marcin’s first influence was his grandmother, who was a professional photographer. When he was a teenager, she gave him an old camera, some black-and-white film rolls, and a couple of books for inspiration. He then used to spend entire days roaming the streets of Warsaw shooting whatever caught his attention. The outcome – dozens of wasted film rolls – drove the grandmother crazy and became the ground for fruitful discussions.


Marcin initially studied electrical engineering, but then graduated in socioeconomics and afterwards in Italian literature. In 2017, he defended his doctoral dissertation on happiness economics. The camera has always been his companion throughout this long academic journey. Today Marcin defines photography as an artistic opportunity to make moments of time meaningful by turning them into stories about societies and individuals.


Recently, Marcin participated in a visual narrative workshop with Cristina de Middel at the Martin Parr Foundation in Bristol. He also followed a street photography workshop with Matt Stuart at The Photo Academy in Brussels.


Some of Marcin’s documentary projects were solo-exhibited in various locations in Italy and were featured by ANSA (Italian Associated Press National Agency). His work received exposure also on group exhibitions in the UK and Italy.


Marcin’s street photographs were published by the Eyeshot Magazine and the Street Photography Magazine. In November, his work will appear in the book Short Street Stories – a collective tribute to Martin Parr’s photography.

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