Art critic - Lori Waxman by Marcel Prins

"If Duchamp had been a bit more generous with
his not insubstantial sense of humor, his readymades
might have looked a bit more like those of
Marcel Prins. If Brancusi had had a sense of
humor at all, then his totemic combinations of
raw materials and potent shapes might have as
well. The Dutch artist Prins assembles whale
bones, wood bits, walking sticks, wire baskets
and empty wine cases into sculptures that look
and act like naughty descendants of the modern
masters. In that, they come by their witty sense of
play and excellent sense of form honestly. Prins
appreciates a perfect wooden ostrich egg as
seriously as anyone, but he has the contemporary
gumption to balance it not atop a marble plinth
but instead on a shaky stack of oddly shaped
timber. As for his sculpture of a cow who has run
out of milk, it might just be one of the more
inventive uses of a cut-up broom stick, wood
floor slats, a chair back, a metal coffee table base
and a little stool. Picasso’s bicycle seat bull would
have given it a second look."

~ Lori Waxman

Look what Chris made:

constructive pursuit  by whydrawanything

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Marcel Prins
December 2006
Den Haag
Jubbega, Friesland, Netherlands
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