Also known as AskNetGuy, MaplessInSeattle, and to people who knew me a long time ago, Christian or Xian.

Recent IM conversation:

UKGirl says (5:33 PM):
we have just been to a rock festival, was waiting outside for taxi with friends and like three kids came over and started on us
Isa-MaplessInSeattle says (5:34 PM):
Is the Camera ok?
UKGirl says (5:34 PM):
yeah camera is fine
UKGirl says (5:34 PM):
i took loads of cool pics
Isa-MaplessInSeattle says (5:35 PM):
well, as long as the camera came out ok, i guess it's all good
Isa-MaplessInSeattle says (5:35 PM):

Please leave comments, I like them. =)

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Isa Sorensen
April 2006
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