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These profiles used to be so easy to write when life was about figuring out who I am. But for now I'm just one of Josie's guides on her life's journey.

Born in Bo, Sierra Leone, where my american parents gave me a popular local name. Spent my younger days globe trotting and lying/bribing at borders. Moved to the suburbs ouside of philly when I was 7. Went to college, studied geography, moved to the bowels of NYC(255 Canal St.). Found out what it meant to be cold and lonely in a dark angry city. Fell in love about 45 minutes later. Got married, moved to the suburbs of NJ, made a spirited little one.

Photo bio:
I grew up well documented, with an SLR pointed at me, and that's where I first caught the photobug. I didn't do much with it until college, where I shot for the school paper. I got my first digital camera in 1996, It was a casio with 320 x 240 resolution. I dropped it twice a year later and it died a slow death. My second digital Camera was an Agfa ePhoto 1280 in 1998. I dropped that two years later. In 2001, I got a coolpix 995, and only dropped it once, but it survived. 2003, made the leap to an SLR Digital Rebel. Any idea where this is going? Since an ordinary drop wouldn't kill this camera, I dropped it into a river.

, , , More to come.

and in my day job I make maps. It's a lot like photography that on a good day, you thoughtfully order the world toward simplicty but other times you're just pushing buttons and hoping for the best.

My wife Nicole is wonderful, thanks for the flickr time!

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    bean*mama says:

    "Hassan's appearance--whether the arrival of a new photo in his stream or a remark left somewhere in mine--is always a welcome ray of light. Quirky, clever, warm, and moving... this is mapgoblin. He has an incredible eye, and an ability to capture life at its finest, funniest, and most authentic. His daughter, Josie, is lucky to have him as a guide on her life's journey, and we are lucky to be invited to share in these moments he has captured and preserved in photographs along the way."

    November 19th, 2006

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    humorous appliance says:

    "There are a few streams on my contact list I look forward to seeing updated more than others - Hassan's is one of those streams. His photos are warm, welcoming, relatable and often touched with the humor a lot of photographers seem to be unwilling to embrace."

    October 22nd, 2006

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    sadalit says:

    "mapgoblin totally gets the parenting thing. I return to his photostream not only because his daughter is such a beautiful little one, but because he has an eye for showing her in their everyday family life (instead of trying to make her look polished, perfect, and processed as so many parent-photographers do). He captures what life brings him, whether it's his daughter or other subjects, and a lot of the time I feel as if he's showing me scenes from my own life. He's also a really supportive and active Flickr community member, taking the time to relate and reach out to other members, which makes me wish he lived down the street instead of down the coast."

    August 28th, 2006

Hassan Hodges
February 2006
Willingboro, NJ
Ann Arbor
I am:
Male and Taken
used to be Cartographer