I am a software engineer by profession and recently I have developed interest in photography. I still have lot to learn yet. Pictures you see here are just some of my experiments.

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  • At the end of the day when my world is spinning and problems rise, it’s a beautiful thing to just be able to fall apart in his arms. In those moments the world disappears and I know I’m not facing life alone. by OXYGEN PHOTO SOLUTIONS
  • Love like there’s no tomorrow, and if tomorrow comes, love again. by OXYGEN PHOTO SOLUTIONS
  • Kaafi Saarey by @dnan
  • PPG T20 - Loxtons vs Directs by SayDirect ├ AvidDuo ┤
  • Quest of the Desert Rose by reza gilani
  • Dreams by reza gilani

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    CREATIVE_EYE says:

    "umm Mani g kiya likhoon, while his stay in Dubai i found him very punctual, friendly, some time serious, most of the time humorous :P and creative. He has an excellent eye which you can feel in his artwork. He will guide you without any hesitation. I always learning so many things from him, love you mani :) (note: love brotherhood wala samjhnaa kuch aor nahee heheheheh :D )"

    May 25th, 2008

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    Engineer J says:

    "When I started talking on flickrmail to manitoon on a summer noon, my first interaction with him, i never thought that we will go far together for next many seasons. I hope to see many sides of his multi dimensional talent in future. He is the only person i have met the most from a flickr point of view. Alway responsive to my questions and invitations, i found meeting him a refreshing experience. Ending my testimonial here would be plain injustice so here goes some more. Needless to say how he manages difficult situations with his "cool" thoughts. Always inspiring, his pics are a candid representation of his control over camera, yet bearing a mark for the effort he puts in his work. Rock on, brother."

    July 30th, 2007

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    Mayank Austen Soofi says:

    "Can Mr. Usman Ahmed aka Manitoon be called Lahore's unofficial portrait-painter? Many of his pictures effectively capture the romance, uniqueness and flamboyancy of his home town. But what about his powerful images of mountains and mustard fields? They are so evocative of the place, so full with the flavour of the location, that they virtually transport his "readers" to those impossible destinations. Perhaps the label of Nature Photographer suits him better then. But is it easy to dismiss his pulsating shots of horses and polo games – frozen in motion? (Can he be a sports photographer, also?) Again, what about his enchanting portrait of cunning cats staring into your eyes? And then there is that magical picture of a glass-fronted office complex that appears to be moving against a background of blue sky. Oh, just how will we define the art of Mr. Ahmed? But do we need to? Let's simply sit back and enjoy…with eyes open of course."

    March 21st, 2007

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    jzakariya says:

    "Ok, my first testimonial for anyone. Consider it an honour Usman. :-)

    I like Usman's photos and his personality. Though I've only had two occasions (maybe three) to meet him, he has a very pleasing way of conducting himself. You don't have to talk too much to make a point or come out as being intelligent and Usman does it to the tee. I especially like his way of sitting in a group and letting others do the talking while he lets his work speak for him.

    His photos of course speak a lot. He has a great eye for detail but the real reason I like his photos is that in the same shooting situations I'd probably take similar photos, I think photographically we think alike, though i'm not sure if that's praise or not. :-)"

    October 5th, 2006

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    Waheed Khalid says:

    "great pictures
    sit boy
    have a cigar
    ur gonna go far

    September 2nd, 2006

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    Max Loxton says:

    ""What an amazing talent! I had the distinct pleasure of both shooting with this extraordinary talent as well as being a friend now. He is a genius, he picks up things very quickly and you can see with his photos.

    I can tell you first-hand that his shots need very little post-processing. They are spot-on. For a person who has just started photography a couple of months back, the work that he is producing is amazing at least for me.

    I must say that he has "the eye". I swear he has two, but nevertheless, he is the genuine article. I love his architectural shots - the one at Masjid Wazir khan especially. Also some of my favorites are ones when we were trying some run of mill shots and he tried some new angle. If only we all had such luck."

    May 10th, 2006

Usman Ahmed
October 2005
Lahore, Pakistan
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