Likes: hugs from Shawn, hugs for Zephyr, slow mornings, thunderstorms, bird song, holidays, sunshine wake-up-calls, making necklaces, taking photos, the colour orange, florence + the machines, coconut records, a fine frenzy, headlights, mates of state, au revoir simone, dinsey-pixar movies, laughter, ampersands, bow-ties, hot air balloons, stripes + polka dots, ballet flats

Dislikes: masks, ice (on the ground), being the center of attention, being late, bad drivers, the colours pink and purple, country music

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  • creative challenge :: signs of spring by Hello Twiggs

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    Seefig says:

    "Beth and I share a love of Corgis, thats how I came across her stream..
    Once here I came to know Orangesparrow alot better, a wonderful photographer with the ability to make anything look gorgeous and interesting. Either film or digital, either beautiful scenes or little snippets of her life, around her house and her family, Beths photos are special and have the ability to make you fall in love simplicity. .

    Ms. Orangesparrow is a wonderful contact, always making time to visit streams and leaves thoughtful, encouraging comments..
    If we didnt live on opposite sides of this plant, I just know Beth and I, Zephyr and Fig would be great walkies companions for sure!!"

    December 9th, 2010

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    [ZicoCarioca] says:

    "Sparry is one of my favourite living persons on planet Earth. I especially love her very unique taste in colours and that lovely yet nostalgic atmosphere on her pictures. This girl is just a jewel! She's a sensitive and sweet person I have the honour to consider as a friend. I wish you can read the tenderness she express through her work in the same way I do."

    November 3rd, 2009

May 2009
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