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I've been asked by a few people to write something about myself, which I find is really hard.

I'm a newbie photographer, hoping mostly to learn, but equally capture interesting stuff from around the world as my travails take me. I work in IT ("nerd" according to my wife), but I feel I don't really know anything about photography to qualify as a photography nerd.

I enjoy the Flickr community for their generosity and warmth. This is the only place I made friends outside of high-school, which speaks volumes of how nice people here are.

- To those Flickr friends who visit and comment on my pictures even though I don't respond enough times in kind, a big thank you. I would have left a long time ago were it not for you.

- To the casual viewer who happens to Stumble on my stream, thank you. It is appreciated.

- To those who have used and want to use my pictures for free, I'm usually happy to allow it, however, I've seen one too many times my pictures being used without crediting me. Worse, people have requested high-quality pictures in lieu of adequate crediting, only to never get back in yeah, I'm slightly touchy on that subject. You can ask, but there are no guarantees that I'll comply

Thanks for stopping by to see my shots, maybe add a comment, or adding me as a contact. I know I've fallen behind in reciprocating your contact request, but that's just to preserve my sanity. At the last count, I had over 200 contact requests that I hadn't responded please don't feel bad. I do reciprocate as our virtual relation blossoms.

Manav Gupta. Get yours at

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    Pam Sutton says:

    "Manav is an exciting young photographer who has an eagerness to learn everything from the simple to the complex. An open interest to see images in his own unique style and flavor. Manav is not afraid to ask questions, therefore using that information to the betterment of his own imagination and an added extension to his creativity.
    He is at point in his life where an awakening to this new digital medium is touching him in a deep and profound way. Stretching his photographs into new directions. As can be seen in the authenticity of himself and the images he chooses to create. In many of his photographs these genuine qualities shine through, such as his wonderfully magical views of Paris lit up by the fantasy of Paris lights. Bathing the viewer in a golden aura. To his masterful images of flowers where the artistic spirit yearning inside him has been set free.
    To me his fresh approach to photography is a true and accurate description of what his eye has captured. I find this very refreshing!
    It is my pleasure to call Manav, a dear friend! He is a caring, thoughtful and empathtic individual. A treasure to all who know him. Thank You! Manav, for your beautiful friendship and the beauty of your photographs. They never cease to light up my days and bring joy to into my life."

    September 21st, 2008

Manav Gupta
October 2007
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