Some people have been making rather obnoxious comments about those who frequent this stream.
However, I think (and this may be just me) that the people who comment here are here to laugh at themselves, at humankind, at the ridiculous/diverse/strange world we live in. Part of that silliness is laughing at our own projections we make on other people. I don't think this is about any person in particular. I think this is about people laughing at themselves and their own perceptions of what an image projects. I don't think it matters even if this these are real people, because it has much less to do with the people in the photos themselves and more to do with our reflections on them or what they represent to a particular person. The silliness and humor of this whole photostream is exemplified here:

And here is what people have to say about me:

people who think I am conservative (ha!)

"you just look like a sad and lonely cat lady. you must have no man/woman in your life.
p.s. nice fucking shirt!
and try using a little less gel on that mop of yours"

"Malingering is... an insecure and hateful cunt."

"what a petty life you do lead, that all you can find to do with your time is take photographs of a world that is indeed passing you by...and mock the subjects. I certainly hope that you aren't fooling yourself and calling it art. Allow me to shatter any illusions here; you are no artist.
Also- I'm not sure if you heard, but the world is in pretty bad shape- so if you you have SO much idle time- go join Greenpeace or feed someone.
Get a bloody life."

"The only idiot [sic] are you who critise people's fashion. Live and let live! Probably you voted for Bush or you fainted for the inoffensive incident of Janet Jackson"

"I'm just not sure why you would pick on someone's appearance like that. I took a look through your photos and found a lot of the same; singling out people you don't know and making fun of them. If I were you I'd spend more time trying to be a better photographer so your photos could speak for themselves. I understand you are trying to be clever with your observations, but it's not working for me... I just see meanspirited and petty. Anyhow, not trying to start an argument, was just expressing my opinion. cheers. :)"

"i hope that someone catches you taking pictures of them and beats the living shit out of you. you are the coward hiding behind the lens of a camera taking pictures. just because being overweight is the NEW socically accepted form of discrimination, where does it stop? should i make fun of asians african americans jews mexicans musslims? ... is this how you choose to use your education? how shocking from an MD. i pitty[sic] the patients that come across you... if this is supposed to be a forum for peole to openely [sic] discuss the pictures then why were you all so taken aback by my comments? was it because i did not want to go along with laughing at someone that is unknowingly being stocked by some asian with a superiority complex... you are sick."

"After looking through your photos, I have concluded that you must be one pretty ugly person who is jealous of women with breast implants because they get the attention from men.
You probably sit in the corner and never ever get hit on... Get a life... I feel sorry for you..."

"I hope some one in Saudi Arabia has picture of you with your ankels[sic] showing on their website captioned "typical American whore." If you don't like what some one else is wearing the problem is yours not theirs, otherwise you wind in downward spiral[sic] of "logic" that leads to burkas (if you are better than the girls you are moking[sic] then some one more concervative[sic] than you is better than you, etc. etc. Chill out, smile, be nice, you will live longer and be happier."

"Taking pictures of strangers and posting mean comments is not only illegal but makes you look like a shallow bitch."

""oops! I didn't realize you are a psychiatrist. Wow!!! you[sic] can prescribe drugs and practice wacky voodoo at the same time. That explains a lot about your Malingering stream. Your voyeuristic ways of taking photos and the way you obsess about the subjects is just a carry-over of what you do at work. The voyeurism involved in being a psychiatrist is not enough, it does not satisfying[sic] your needs[sic] involve yourself in others lives. So, your[sic] carry it over to your personal life and invade, stalk and publicly degrade innocent people, you are always in the position of power, on a pedestal, GOD. Why do you think you act that way??? Insecure? What happens to the mental health of the people who realize they are being ridiculed on your page? I would bet they feel violated and are upset.
You are obviously Green[sic] to the profession, fresh out of school. Maybe you should go see one of your mind-fuck colleagues to help you cope with your career choice instead of taking it out on innocent people. Oh well, your[sic] aren't a brain surgeon, your[sic] a psychiatrist."

"You look like a crazy cat lady. Why don't you put some tuna in your vagina and let your cat eat it?"

"None of your pics indicate that you have any superiority over the poor lassies you attack with your "fashion" commentary. Pot, kettle, whatever. Just admit you're insecure and you gotta lash out. You're not foolin' ANYONE, darling."

"Malingering YOU are the only wrong thing in Flickr. Could you commit suicide please?? I just cannot get anymore of your insane intolerance, that's beyond my limits...Damn your fuckin set is so racist, intolerant, old-fasioned, completely out of date compared to the modern mind.
I think you will certainly have a good career in Iran. Fucker. I'm sure you're islamist. Get the fuck out of this country, but maybe first you should get through some penis surgery, don't you think? Bastard."

"I hope it makes you feel much better for making fun of another human being, not. Your ignorance and shallow behavior are what serve to perptuate issues within society. I am not trying to sound like a perfect person, but I swear I just don't get what good you think saying such things will do. Why not commit yourself to something more meaningful? -_-"

"No i think you took a camera out with you one day when you were off to the shop and you were in a bad mood so you decided to make fun out of other peoples[sic] individuality.
I think the people in these pictures show style and personality obviously something that you lack."

"Malingering, your entire photostream is one of the most depressing things I've seen on Flickr in a long time. Are you capable of seeing anything good or beautiful in anyone, or do you live your life with your nose permanently in the air? If you took a picture of my teen daughter or sister - irrespective of the size of her backside - then posted it on the internet with a snarky comment , and encouraged others to follow suit I think I'd be tempted to seek you out and shove your poisonous little camera somewhere the sun don't shine. Fortunately for you we live on opposite sides of the ocean."
- rich_edwards79

"the images you shoot don't serve to capture a moment in time. They objectify and ridicule the subject. When middle aged men are pointing out every miniscule flaw on underaged female bodies, it's kind of sad--panty line here, underwire line there, low cut pants and so on. Way to proliferate the objectification of women's bodies! If anything, I think you have probably inspired a leigon of creepy guys to stalk girls and comment on their bodies... perhaps your time could be better spent volunteering with low income families and giving them information on how to cook healthy meals on a shoestring budget, rather than taking covert pictures and posting them for random strangers to disect.[sic]"

"What an asshole you are Maleringering. Posting pictures of strangers and ridiculing them on the internet is so fucking childish and stupid. how about [taking] an actual photograph and not some stupid lame brained attempt to be funny while insulting strangers. nobody likes to be humiliated on the internet by some faceless chicken shit little punk like Malingering.
What a fucking loser.
I'll leave you with this, people like Malingering give photographers and photography a bad name."

"Acting like a hopelessly insecure sociopath online probably isn't the best outlet for the mountains of baggage you seem to be toting around.
But what do I know? I'm just rational fucking human being."

"Malingering intentions are clear look at her site she is there to abuse and make as much fun of people as she can..!! "

"you know, malingering, i still can't decide if you are an authoritarian misanthropist or a sexually repressed borderline paedophile. hmmm..."
- l0z

It must be nice being a smug, judgemental, mean spirited arbiter of all things human. I mean really...where would we be without your sharp observations??? It's funny how hate can be presented as witty. I suggest you start/adjust your meds. But what do i know? : - ) (lower cap i on purpose, so please do not mock my typing/spelling/grammar...but then again, isn't that you rreason [sic] for living???)

"i don't care who you think you are, but you just don't say that about someone you don't know, much less a defenceless [sic] child. i think you need to take a hard look at yourself in the mirror and stop criticizing everyone else but you."

"if i ever caught some creepy old bitch standing around taking pics of my daughters and other little girls like "malingering" seems to make a habit of, i would beat them within an inch of there lives. what is the problem in your psyche that you feel the need to take pics of lil girls and put them on the net? I think you are trying to justify your own pedophilia."

"by taking these photos and posting them in a public forum while taking cheap shots in your comments and encouraging your 'friends' to do the same, you represent yourself as petty, unkind, and altogether intolerant. this representation is amplified by the fact that the objects of your ridicule are innocent.the fact that you are out about town with a camera taking uninvited candids of children, then posting them to flickr and attributing any sort of sexuality to them whatsoever makes me sick to my stomach. you should talk to a professional, whether it be priest, doctor, or psychiatrist - show them what you're doing here and get some help."

Do not see her on flickr do not speak to her before you do look at her profile this will tell you all about this person…..!!
She has been stalking people she does not like and will make lies and ruin your photo stream along with your friends..!
How can a person live like that i will never know..!!!
I wouldnt allow here near me or my children. "

"malingering, i’m revolted about your posts. they were fun when you first started but now it's honestly making me sick! especially some of the close minded and judgmental comments i have seen here. have a nice one, and see you around on the street!"

"It’s kinda fucked up, the person getting insulted doesn’t even have the chance to punch you in the face, and that’s probably why I find it mildly disturbing. This new form of random shooting highlights the worst aspects of the internet: a tool for communication becomes yet another way to belittle others. Instead of pushing for an expanded potential, the road of isolated sniping gets another traveller. It’s high school without repercussions. Though they may be in their “right”, what does it say about the photographer that hunts down the next subject aware that they will be an object of ridicule? What should we make of those that expend energy just to capture an unsuspecting person in their worst possible light? I’ve been perplexed knowing that some of my fellow LA citizens have such an odd, almost misanthropic, vision of our mutual place, almost as if we lived in two very different cities. I’m having to reassess my understanding of Los Angeles and the people within it, and it seems very likely that, despite the proximity, we really do live in different places. "

"Wow, you are an insensitive ass. Grow some compassion, please!"

"you should try getting out of santa monica once in awhile. broaden your horizons a bit. uggs fucking suck, but people suck more. this set serves as a reminder of both.
(not through the people in the pictures, but you.)"

"You claim that you simply photograph what you see. True, I guess. But what you *choose* to see, what you frame, focus on, and shoot is always very revealing. Besides fashion "mistakes," your pictures are inordinately obsessed with fat and flabby bodies.
And, in an oddly puritanical manner, you also comment on the fashions that you deem to be too sexually expressive. It's an odd aesthetic which grants you the permission to surreptitiously zoom in on a fat girl's ass crack, snap a photo and upload for your peanut gallery to chuckle over, while also inveighing against the loose moral character of young women in short skirts.
And whatever your captions or photos don't say is left to be filled in by your legion of fans. The comments in the peanut gallery are a window into the nasty body dysmorphia of our image-obsessed city. Sad to see that some people haven't outgrown the playground.
Anyways, I'm sure I need to "get a sense of humor." That's what jerks always say when people don't laugh at their "jokes."."
-matt armstrong

"malingering you are a stupid cunt whore and so are all the other people who have commented negatively about obese people. i hope one day you fall to a horrible death while snapping a picture of somebody to make fun of. you need to die. you are a waste of sperm and egg. "

"Every picture you have taken is cruel and meant to hurt people. how can a person like you help anyone? it seems like you have a problem with everyone except yourself."
-Fishkiss7 (again)

"You want everyone to see your photos making fun of strangers (which comprises maybe 90-95% of your collection). By the way I come here to find and upload creative commons photos for Wikipedia and am spammed with a bunch of losers who sit in their apt. on their computers making fun of the pictures of strangers."

would you like to add to the collection of "testimonials?"
Go here or here, and please try to limit yourself to these threads. thanks.

Disclaimer: this is a silly hobby and nothing more than that. At best a social documentary of the world as I see it. At worst just a waste of Flickr's storage space. If you take these photos or comments to be anything more meaningful than pointless humor, that's your own issue, and I recommend examining your own projections.

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    Peggy Archer says:

    "Malingering is actually a sweet, loving, misunderstood person who likes puppies and rainbows and dewy-eyed kittens and pink things and wishes for world peace and free sparkle pens for everyone!

    Oh, hell - I can't even type that with a straight face.

    Malingering's photos are fun, and the commenters are a jaded bitter and hilarious bunch of people who regularly make me spray coffee all over my computer screen.

    The internet is a better place for me now :)"

    September 2nd, 2007

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    bbdoyle says:

    "Malingering is a friend...and I count that as an amazing thing in my life."

    August 10th, 2007

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    i didn't mean to go to Stoke says:

    "trenchant wit, sledgehammer humor, pungent laugh out loud comedy and fluffy pussy cats to boot, Malingerings sense of the absurdity of the human condition in all its glories is wonderful"

    June 24th, 2007

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    jumbled van says:

    "Malingering is a small female with big balls. She is relentless, compulsive and surgically accurate with her digital equipment. She floats my boat. I don't go on the internet to learn about people, because it has no credibility - yet her photography reveals and entertains, so I get both."

    June 7th, 2007

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    wskrz says:

    "After a day of changing poopy diapers, having baby food thrown at me and listening to "Yayayayayaya" all day, a good laugh from Mal's photostream is just the salve that I need."

    September 4th, 2006

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    DocUD says:

    "Mal's pictures are funnier than even her own looks."

    August 25th, 2006

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    wildlifeuplift says:

    "Without a doubt the most entertaining photostream on flickr. Enter with an open mind, leave with a sore infected brain. But you'll be back for another dose of Malingering's savage take on the human race currently infesting the LA area."

    August 16th, 2006

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    Jirrupin says:

    "Malingering should be charging membership fees for viewing, here! The infantile hate filled ranting of the small minded self righteous morons that pollute her comment stream with absurd critisisms, insults, and even threats would be worth the price of admission alone! (It really can fun to watch as Mal’s ardent supporters battle to try and describe sight to the blind, but as the collective IQ of the dullards that take objection to her equates roughly to that of a turnip - they rarely succeed.) But anyway, the real attraction is her relentless mission to capture the weird and just plain tragic elements of the world around in her lens with no holds barred, from the hip, street photography. Sharing her pet hates, and struggling to understand various facets of modern ’culture’ , posing questions few can answer. Oh, and if you’re a lover of cats, mini coopers, or the Dodgers you’ll have a bonus in store for you."

    August 4th, 2006

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    huphtur says:

    "Mal rules! It's my new goal in life to walk down Venice Blvd and be featured on her flickr stream."

    August 1st, 2006

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    jayfader says:

    "I can count my friends on one hand. And my best friend with a finger and that finger represents Malingering."

    June 12th, 2006

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    TheDamnMushroom says:

    "Some people will say what others merely think. Malingering says these things plus provides photographic evidence. Her stream is one of the few worth checking every day, and she even has her own unauthorized fan club."

    June 11th, 2006

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    Davezilla was taken says:

    "Malingering methodically chronicles what everyone else is thinking but afraid to say out loud. Thank Gawd for Malingering."

    June 13th, 2006

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    BOCTAOE says:

    "I have been an avid viewer of Malingering's photostream for several weeks now, and her skill at showing us the mutliple sides of life (funny, sad, angry, silly, etc.) not only in L.A. but even in our own backyards has been an inspiration to me. In fact, I felt compelled to pen this little ode in honor of her abilities:

    I start each day malingering,
    It's the most relaxing way I've seen.
    Sharing the human experience
    to laugh, or rage, or just make sense.
    The insightful, sarcastic, biting wit
    Doesn't offend me the least little bit.
    I pray, however, that none of MY friends
    Should find me caught in malingering's lens!

    I find Malingering's photos to be inspirational and a real slice of life.
    This is fast becoming my favorite photo stream. Thanks so much for sharing your views with us through your photos.

    Bravo, Malingering - keep on keepin' on.

    Bill S."

    June 9th, 2006

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    patrick73 says:

    "A fine appreciation for the absurd combined with righteous outrage towards the entitled and the arrogant..and she's a lifetime Dodger fan. 'Nuff said.."

    April 5th, 2006

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    hexodus... says:

    "Her ninja skills are unmatched. The bodies pile up daily on 3rd street as a result of her steady and precise actions. flickr should really start paying her a stipend."

    March 28th, 2006

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    streetdog says:

    "Malingering, the "Andy Rooney" of flckr. Her subjects and corresponding descriptions and comments give many good laughs."

    March 26th, 2006

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    cold flag says:

    "If you are looking for an intelligent on-line version of Vice Magazine you've found it. What a wonderful view of the world...enjoy!"

    January 31st, 2006

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    meowhous the iconoclast says:

    "Malingering has a keen and a distinctive sense of appreciation of what is Los Angeles. Originally I was drawn to her depicitions in the "Ridiculous LA" sets--and of course, photos of her cats--but now I check daily for a fresh dose of what's caught her notice."

    January 27th, 2006

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