Please check out my albums first :) Do not judge a book by it's cover - as in my photostream - it is not engineered to have eye catching photos on the first page. Instead please have a look at my albums, where things are sorted and ordered the way I would like them seen.

I have recently passed the milestone of 8,000,000 views of my images hosted here on Flickr, thanks to all for checking out my photos. I enjoy sharing my photos and art with you all. Thanks to everyone who has posted comments - they are appreciated. I have avoided using watermarks as I don't like to disfigure the images. I just trust people not to pilfer my images for use elsewhere unacknowledged for their own profit.

I am not really into the tit-for-tat comments and likes thing to drum up view counts and chase the elusive and coveted 'explored' prize. I just don't have the time to spare. If you add me as a contact I may check out your pics, but may not, sorry in advance.

I now have over 40,000 photos on Flickr as I use the website for screen resolution cloud storage of all my photos. I have uploaded them for family and friends to see, and also to share the places I have travelled with everyone in the world. I have a collection of over 30,000 more to go through, so many more still to be metadata edited and uploaded. I try to have GPS data on all my photos and am enjoying making use of Google Earth, Google Maps and Street View in this process. I am using the Map module in Adobe Lightroom to add the metadata.

If I ever get better internet speeds, I would like to upload all my photos at full resolution. Maybe around 2020...

I live in Australia. Nice part of the world. I tinker with all kinds of digital art software programs on my Apple Mac 27inch 5K or Macbook Air laptop and I also like taking photos - especially when traveling overseas.

I also take videos where I travel, but they are second fiddle to my photo taking. You can see my channel here, loads of recent FZ1000 videos are here, all in 1080p HD:

My current camera is a LUMIX FZ1000 20mp camera with a 1inch; sensor, 4K video, and great zoom lens. I mainly use my camera for wildlife and travel photography. Previously, I owned a full frame DSLR: Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 21MP with a 24mm-105mm wide angle zoom lens, 70-200 zoom lens and macro lens. I found the large body and interchangeable lenses to be a drag weight wise when trying to travel light. I intend to travel widely in the next few years and an all in one camera is just easier even if the image quality is only 80% of what is currently possible. The new generation of mirrorless compact interchangeable lens cameras is where I may move to next.

I am also drawn to the fixed prime lens full frame cameras.

Recently I purchased a Ricoh Theta S spherical camera which takes equirectangular photos capable of being seen here as 360 degree panoramas, or manipulated into compelling polar stylised views.

I am slowly editing thousands of 35mm colour slides I took all over the world in the 1980s and 1990s... Eventually they will all be up on Flickr in my account. I decided to use a special slide duplicator macro system attached to my pro DSLR to really get good results. The ravages of time have blighted these slides with mould, scratches, and the colours have faded.

I also have many thousands of digital pics and scanned negatives and prints that will be uploaded here as well, as time (and my enthusiasm level) permits.

I am occasionally selling photos with Getty Images, and other stock agencies are being explored as well. I sell prints of my photos on canvas and photo paper and I held an exhibition of my photographs in 2013. If you would like a print of any of my photos on paper or canvas, drop me a line to negotiate.

I am keen to make some photo books, when I have the time to work through the process. I have found an Australian company that is cheaper than the Flickr partner, with acceptable results. I am looking at over 20 books of 120+pages, so price is a factor.


Let me tell you the story about the very successful photographer and the very successful writer, sitting by a gently flowing brook late one afternoon...

The photographer and the writer were in discussion and the writer said to the photographer "You must have a very expensive camera to take such wonderful pictures".

And the photographer replied "You must have a very expensive typewriter to write such wonderful stories".

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  • Noel & Steve & Chend at "Qld Folk Idol" - 7th Birthday, 2008 by peculiarhand
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