I'm a musician in an indie rock band called Makar.

MAKAR: 99 Cent Dreams


I’ve always been a shutterbug at heart. My mind is always clicking away even if I don’t have a camera handy. I don’t have any formal training unless you count that one semester photography course in the 9th grade. I like making the commonplace magical or rather capturing the magical in the commonplace.

My best work I feel comes from haphazard happy experiments such as the three photos I have submitted. I took pictures of the beautiful forest outside my parent’s house through my mom’s seventies red-tinted sunglasses and the mist transformed it. I jumped into a bright pool with a water-proof disposable camera and I got the black sea. I took my old digital camera and dime store red kaleidoscope and turned it round the wrong way and captured my eye the way I feel at 3 am and unable to sleep. I want to capture the world the way that memory manipulates your inner vision.

I grew up in rural suburbia in Mendham, NJ where there was little to do but go to the mall or read and dream. I am self-taught photographer if I only I would teach myself more. A friend (and amateur photographer) of the family got me into photography encouraging my own burgeoning interest.

My artistic interests are very diverse and have always tugged me into unexpected directions. About six years ago, I rediscovered guitar and play and sing in an indie rock called MAKAR with my husband. One of my greatest regrets was giving up guitar as a child and I’m thrilled to have rediscovered its magic. I have always written poetry (or at least since the 4th grade) and like to think of photos as poems capturing a moment in a way no other medium can capture.

I graduated Oberlin college in 1995 and am still recovering from the experience. I am writing a novel that sometimes I wish would write itself. I am 33 years old for a little bit longer. I am told this is a dangerous age, an age where your life will change. I don’t know if I want my life to change or at least not too drastically.

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Andrea DeAngelis
June 2005
New York City
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