It was a few years after I had a diving accident in my teens and broke my neck that I discovered the fascinating world of photography. Because of my disabled finger function I needed a camera that could be triggered by wired remote stuck in my mouth. My choice fell on the Minolta Dynax 7000i and since then I was hooked :)

There's been many upgrades since then and I've been faithful and thankful to the Minolta legacy through Konica and then Sony who keeps producing wonderful photographic tools.

If you browse through my gallery you'll soon discover that I find many different things interesting to capture and I try to bring the camera with me most places just in case. I'm most pleased when I'm shooting wildlife, nature, landscape, sports, street or whatever.

I'm sorry to inform you that I have very serious health issues and have done surgery too many times so the healthcare can't do anything more for me. I must restrain myself from shooting to often and to long and editing the photos in Lightroom and Photoshop. But it is simply too fascinating to keep me away entirely and I want to make use of the time, how ever long or short, to do the things I love.

This is also the reason why I don't comment on others photos as much as I would like to. It's very painful and damaging for me to bend my neck to see the keyboard and I'm painstakingly slow at writing with my middle finger knuckle. But I salute the inventors of text input recognition software for speeding up the process a great deal :)

In my next life I'm hoping to be doing photography full time and will do my best to document every part of this beautiful planet. if I'm not born as a cat or a bird! In this life I'm faking it and go for what's happening in my closer surroundings ;)

All images are copyrighted by me and if you want to publish or download any of them you should contact me so I can help you find a licensed legal copy of highest quality at reasonable prices. Help a quadriplegic aspiring photographer live his dream will you ;) Or at least make a few very much needed extra bucks ;)

My very new website is up and running at
Yes I know the domain name is a pain ;) But you'll find some of my better shots here available for printouts on all kinds of stuff and the things I ordered look great! - If you would like hires versions of my best shots they are for sale here
Facebook - let's get to know each other :) - a long time ago I designed websites and loved 3d-rendering

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    Julie Greg says:

    "Awesome gallery ! Excellent photos really !"

    February 20th, 2018

Magnus Borg
January 2008
Göteborg, Sweden
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