I like tea & toast & listening to old radio plays while I draw pictures.

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    vantiani says:

    "Karena, your work is one of the reason I start to learn making collages in a totally different way like I did before. And I thank you so so much from the bottom of my fat heart. You rock."

    17th July, 2009

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    puglypixel says:

    "Magic Jelly's blog is a happy pill. Love it."

    28th July, 2008

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    Juln says:

    "This fine lass has an erudite understanding of parchment paper and filo dough, cooking a fabulous vegetable when not in the mood for toast. Hailing from the far South, she has a unique style for her art, displaying oodles of talent and skill! Ms. Jelly is principled and courageous, and stands by her ideas. No doubt, Karena is the snickiest duck around!"

    7th February, 2008

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    mLee* says:

    "Fabulous multi talented and always professional woman. And a gocco inspiration!"

    15th January, 2008

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    reverendross says:

    "I love Magic Jelly like a pig loves corn."

    19th December, 2007

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    johnclark.etsy says:

    "MagicJelly is one of the greatest saleswomen I've ever had contact with. Through a mere forum post, she convinced me to drop hundreds of dollars on a Japanese screenprinting kit that was made the year I was born. I went from never even hearing of the stupid thing, to absolutely needing one in less than five minutes.

    Furthermore, she's a super talented graphic designer. But I guess just from looking at her pictures any idiot could have told you that."

    17th July, 2007

Karena Colquhoun
February 2006
Adelaide, Australia
Magic Jelly: Art + Illustration + Design
howdy [at] magicjelly.com.au