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I am a seriously dull person
I only ever manage to take snaps and in no way am I a serious photographer.
I came to Flickr as a way to save photos of my crafty bits and pieces and stayed for the insanity that was The Biggest Group.
I wish I could tap dance
I have never been arrested
I like things that sparkle, glitter and gleam
I read every night in bed
One of my cats loves grooming my hair
I have had a broken wrist and cracked a few ribs
My hair is brown
I don't sleep well
I have one tattoo
I have piercings
My eyes are a boring grey/blue/green
I am Married
I wear sandals even in winter
I still use my maiden name
I have 3 kids, 4 cats, 1 dog (alas he went to doggy heaven)
Have got a mad puppy now
I eat meat
I like rain, just as well with living in Scotland.
I often feel much older than my age
8 teenagers invading the kitchen is a way of life here.
I can see a river and hills from where I am sitting
I rarely drink
I bake cakes far to often
I like flowers in the garden more than in a vase
My husband is a blonde
I eat cakes far too often
There is a dog house in the garden that the cat sleeps in
I enjoy cooking
I have no dress sense
I would like my back to stop aching
I almost understand all the things my mobile phone can do
I am not ticklish
I wear black and grey most of the time
I like kittens armpits
I dislike bullying of any sort
I am beginning to suspect I have a sentimental streak

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    Michael - B says:

    "I can't believe I haven't writen a testimonial for her yet! I like her arts and crafts and I also like her pictures of kitties and what they do to drapes and sometimes to her legs even.
    If you haven't done so please go visit her photo stream today! And leave a note or two while you're there!"

    April 2nd, 2008

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    tarotwisdom says:

    "Maggz is a very talented card maker and parchment crafter...her work is both exquisite and beautiful..carefully crafted painstakingly detailed beautifully delicate..A lovely person with a great talent and expertise"

    February 17th, 2007

September 2005
I am:
Female and Taken
Mad crafter