I'm a photographer with a style that I've found to be relatively unique (perhaps I'm not looking hard enough?). I now primarily shoot nudes, but there are three guiding principles that I try to focus on: humor, color and detail. Some of my work borders on the surreal, but I aim for situational surrealism, rather than any form of distorted reality.


I enjoy showing a bit of humor and levity in otherwise benign and every-day situations.


I have a love for bright--almost elementary--colors, and try to use them to emphasize my subjects.


I have a tendency to focus on small details, and will go out of my way to show them in my images (especially my so-called "surrealist" sets). I try to make it so that you'll see something new when you look a second time.




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  • JoinedMay 2006
  • OccupationSoftware Engineer
  • HometownPhoenix, AZ
  • Current cityZürich
  • CountrySwitzerland
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