I am not quite Old Skool compared to some, but I've definitely been around the Flickr block. I use Flickr to share photos of stuff I've done and things I see, and I enjoy participating in groups with similar, sometimes half-baked, ideas of what makes for worthwhile subject matter. I am and have been active in some hugely popular and well-known groups, as well as some downright obscure ones.

I am happy to see comments on my photos, unless they are only advertising yourself or your favourite "backslapping" group -- you know, the ones with sparkly GIFs and rules like "post one, comment two". If you don't leave me a comment like that, we both save a couple seconds: you for the posting, and me for the deleting.

However, I don't mind -- and even kinda like it -- if you include a thumbnail of your own photo if it's interesting to the conversation, and not just for self-promotion.

I have founded some groups, including these:
Flickr Bingo 3
Flickr Bingo 2
Multiples of 37
Vancouver Public Library
Mosaics - squared circles
Mosaics - Colours
Ordinal Numbers

I am an administrator, co-admin, or moderator for roughly 40 others, including the following:
Guess Where Vancouver
squared circle
Themed Alphabets
fd's Flickr Toys
Tenuous Links
flickrColors (blue/pink)
Vancouver Flickr Gang
In Numerical Order
Flickr B-I-N-G-O

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    Darren LoPrinzi says:

    "As far as testimonials go, Tom is way underappreciated. Tom is such a good guy, helpful/knowledgeable Flickrite and excellent group admin colleague that I am predicting - right here and now - that my very writing of this testimonial will "loosen the jar" as they say, and the floodgates will open. Flickr's testimonials feature will undergo such extreme strain from the abundance of testimonials written for Tom that Flickr's main servers will crash, causing Tom additional work in the Help Forum to alleviate nervous Flickr users' fears of Flickr shutting down. Get ready, Tom."

    June 19th, 2017

Tom Magliery
April 2006
Vancouver, BC, Canada