My interest in photography is spurred by my love of nature and the pleasure I receive from photographing both what I see and experience during photo walks.


I most often photograph macro, landscape, and portraits.


Macro because I enjoy showcasing small plants and animals that we often overlook. I like to present them in an upfront and bold way to emphasize their features and showcase their amazing beauty. They all have a function and purpose. All with amazing beauty. From the delicate feathery texture of a moth to the mesmerizing eyes of a butterfly; all art in their own right.


I measure my own personal success in a macro photography by achieving a perspective that looks as if the viewer is on a nearby leaf. The vantage point of prey. I want the viewer to be able to picture themselves at the same scale within their environment.


I enjoy photographing landscape, but it's difficult to find suitable areas to shoot without the distraction of urban sprawl rearing itself in a shot. I'll always know, through my photos, that I will be able to experience the beautiful places I have spent numerous hours exploring. A way to personally rekindle memories I hold so dear.


The fresh air, the wading birds, and the sunlight across my skin.


Photography is my passion. I hope my photography makes an impact by bringing awareness to our natural Florida wetland areas and further encourage others to explore this beautiful resource.


Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in a print size that is not listed here or have any other questions regarding my work.


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Please be sure to also view my blog at - The photography of Roberto Aloi

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Visited your online gallery. There are some beautiful photographs there. I take it that they are from the West Palm Beach area. Keep posting those excellent photos.

July 17, 2009