This is sooooo out of date.....
I joined Flickr in Spring 2007. Joining Flickr has made me take photography more seriously than I had previously been doing - which was mostly shooting on Auto. Inspired by the Contacts I've made and the Groups I've joined - and not forgetting the many wonderful images I've seen - I'm determined to learn how to use my camera more creatively.
Mostly I shoot what I see as I walk and cycle around Dublin and occassionally, I venture outside the city.
I carry my Canon G10 and my K750i cameraphone all the time.
I also own a Canon 30D, 500n and an EOS 5.
Diana F+
Pentax Spotmatic F

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    Bleschi says:

    "Watching Macs pictures, I always have this quote in my head that I heard somewhere:

    "What can it mean. That picture of the world. But when it's true, we recognize it in ourselves, in others. We recognize it like love, completely undeserved."

    Mac took many pictures of this world, and they show a lot of love... for the moment, the details, the light and much more. Hope it's a neverending story."

    October 7th, 2008

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    fuffer says:

    "You inspire me, Mac! Three of your photos have made me think of cartoon ideas. It's not only your photos that inspire me, but also your great titles and descriptions. You see things slightly askew (in a good way, of course). Thank you thank you! :)"

    July 27th, 2008

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    Slipping Away says:

    "MacGBeginss has a very witty sense of humor. If you are either visiting his photostream looking at his great pictures, or he comments on your photostream, you will always get a grin or a laugh.

    Thanks MacG for brightening my day more than once!"

    July 9th, 2007

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    sARAHjACKS says:


    You make me laugh every time I talk to you, and you introduce me to perspectives and music that I never even thought about. You always have my back and always have something witty to say about either me, my photos, or the people around us. My first true flickr friend, & I'm eternally grateful.

    You claim to be an amateur, but your stream screams otherwise. I love your keen eye, wicked sense of humor, and yes...even the ducks. Thank you for putting up with my potty-mouth, and enlightening me in the ways of Irish colloquialisms.

    I know you've done great things in the past, and I'm sure you will do many more! The world has yet to see all that MacG can bring...and we're all waiting baited breath..."

    June 16th, 2007

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    blue4duke says:

    "I haven't known Mac for long either, but in the little time I have he has really become a true Flickr friend. He is always willing to learn something new, and is always there with a great comment. Mac has a wonderful look on life, he can find the most amazing things, something you, or I would walk by. Mac, and his photos are BRILLIANT and I am so glad that we have met!
    ~Thanks Mac~"

    April 30th, 2007

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    ~.charlie.~ ... says:

    "I haven't known Mac for very long but he has a most unique way of looking at the world ... things that all of us would walk past, he notices and sees something either artistic or amusing in it!! I take my hat off to him for having his ability to see the small things ...
    I regularly crack up laughing out loud at his incredible sense of humour!! Thanks for sharing your world with us Mac!!"

    April 20th, 2007

January 2007
Dublin, Ireland
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