So, K. describe yourself it reads....,,, Hmmmm----What the hell, how would I know??...
Everyday am someone, not that am schizophrenic, [i can see u goin' that direction already] however, my mood swings make things barely describable..; Anyhow, will give it a shot.....

* I'm from elsewhere
* I am at incredible peace with myself.
* I'm fascinated with one-liners, Machiavel sayings and Hoffman's cracks.
* I detest superficial social responsibilities-they're always infringing onto my trips!
* I choose to be unique, just like everyone else! (this one's from a calendar i had hanging somewhere)
* I'm finally here jst cuz I've run out of interesting, cerebral activities to do online & elsewhere and I love photography, design, typography, all eye candy visual communications...
*Am plugged on Discovery Channel 24/27---don't ask what it means!!
* I take my drip coffee boosted with Jack D.☺ with a shot of chocolate in the morning, or else i'm as wicked as u can get!

.... Fast-forward to today, i see myself wasting my time surfing n' bloggin' while investigating time-consuming useless or/and mind-blowing shit to post on mabullemabouleblogspot; or meditating the absurdity... Reading Cioran, IONESCO, Becket, Schopenhauer & the likes while waiting for GODOT...
"The World as Will and Idea" is my issue; meanwhile I DO AS I DARE--- my motto in a Life, which looks much for me like a beach:))
Aside from that..Well....
Can't promise any regular visits, cuz frankly, I DO have a life outside my Mac screen-not that it's any of your business, of course, but hey, have no time but 4 HIGHZ!! blogging & 'roolibooling' with Hug & Brown Sugar my best buddies, the two labs i love most...& since My Ocean luv is drowning, am taming solitude....Learning to cherish it along with Z Tranquility it brings to the soul....


Sugar Pop

Here are blogs i have created for the love of eye-candy communication --You can check them out and drop a word if you'd like...
Peace Out!

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Sugar Pop
August 2006
Crazy Beirut
Beirut, Loubnan---Lebanon
I am:
Ma Bulle Maboule
sirdab [at]